Plastic Free July  Good News Update  


Incredibly an estimated 326 million participants worldwide took part, choosing to refuse single-use plastic in July this year!! 🐢

People participated by:
•             Taking the challenge at the Plastic Free July website
•             Following a social media stream
•             Sharing their own ideas
•             Responding to our global survey
•             Or just choosing to refuse one plastic product
What does this mean?  A whopping 7 million tonnes of waste was avoided this year because millions of people chose to make a change for cleaner streets, healthy oceans, beautiful communities or just to do the right thing.

Even during a global pandemic, Plastic Free July participants have shown that together we are making a difference for our planet.

When we asked the question ‘What was the biggest change that you made this year?’ your answers included…

  • “Changing my husband’s attitude – he’s now avoiding plastics”
  • “Avoiding fruit with the little plastic sticker on each item”
  • “Switching from milk cartons to milk in glass bottles
  • “A reusable facemask
  • “Making my own deodorant
  • “Becoming the recycling coordinator at work
  • “Giving up cheese” and,
  • “Abandoning the supermarket in favour of bulk stores”.

We invite you to discover more of the inspiring stories of change in the Plastic Free July 2020 Impact Report. From removing plastic bags and setting up a water refill station at an elephant park in Laos to supermarkets in New Zealand changing packaging and a plastic free picnic at an English charity there were so many solutions which made a difference and reduced plastic waste around the world.

One of the things we learned this year is that most people hear about Plastic Free July through social media or directly from friends, so please continue to share your stories and these results far and wide.
We will share plastic free ideas, solutions and events throughout the year and look forward to continuing to make a difference together as we work towards a world without plastic waste.

Connect with The Plastic Free July team

Help to reduce plastic waste entering the world’s oceans by donating today. Plastic Free July is a registered not-for-profit organisation and donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia – you can donate here.


Plastic Free: The Inspiring Story of a Global Environmental Movement and Why It Matters


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