Plastic Free July 2024 Invites You to Take Action Today


Plastic Free July is a key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation that allows us to work towards a vision of seeing a world free of plastic waste. From humble beginnings in 2011, the award-winning Plastic Free July campaign is the result of years of hard work.

It was started by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz (the founder of the Plastic Free Foundation) and a small team in local government in Western Australia. It is now one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world. Millions of people across the globe take part every year, with many committing to reducing plastic pollution far beyond July.

Plastic Free Pledge

This year’s Plastic Free July campaign focuses on small changes each of us can make to reduce plastic waste under the slogan “Small steps, big difference”. Each year millions of Plastic Free July participants from over 190 countries worldwide are together making a big difference by choosing to refuse single-use plastic.

Over the last five years, participants have avoided an astonishing 10 billion kgs of household waste because millions of people chose to make a change for cleaner streets, healthy oceans,  and beautiful communities.

Take Action

Are you looking for ways to be part of the solution to plastic pollution? This July, join millions of people worldwide in reducing their plastic waste by choosing to refuse single-use plastic.

Choose one single-use plastic to avoid or take the pledge to avoid single-use cups, plastic drink bottles, or plastic food wrap. These “Top 3” items are single-use plastic items we commonly use each day that most of us can be easily replaced by;

  • Refilling reusable water bottles from the tap
  • Bringing a reusable cup. Sit and enjoy drinking from a real cup.
  • Switch from plastic wrap to reusable containers or wax wraps.

Ideas and solutions

Want some tips to find out how you can reduce plastic waste? The good news is, that anyone can get involved. You can start small, or challenge yourself! Get inspired Ideas and Solutions

Spread the Word

Talk to your friends and share a link. Check out our resources and ideas below and get inspired to help reduce plastic waste daily at home, work, school, and even at your local café. The resources toolkit contains assets and promotional tools for people to share

For more information about how you can reduce your use of plastic and participate in the Plastic Free July campaign click here



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