Coherence – The Frequency of Life

Based on close scrutiny of physical, cosmological and biological data, scientists from the Netherlands have recently discovered a frequency pattern that appears to be the basis of all life and matter. The pattern closely corresponds with the Tetraktys, the universal key that is at the heart of ancient harmony and has been discovered by Pythagoras more than 2500 years ago.
In order to promote harmonization of the bioenergetic field (BEF), the creators of the Frequency Technology that is Healy have combined the 214 coherent main frequencies into the Healy Coherence Program. Healy expects this to be a giant step towards enabling a new state of mind, and a significant improvement in spiritual balance, mental stability and general flexibility for all Healy users.

This frequency program will create coherence between flexibility and stability so that we don’t go out of balance into rigidity or chaos in our decision making and lifestyles.

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