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Gaia’s Organic Gardens is a passionate not-for-profit organisation dedicated to changing the world, one veggie garden at a time.

This local, non-for-profit organisation based in Perth Western Australia is dedicated to helping others to grow their own food and live healthier and happier lives. Founder, Carla Weir and her team are experts at what they do and have helped hundreds of people to grow their own vegetables in their own backyards and to reconnect with nature. Carla’s popular talks have been heard on various Radio stations and she is currently involved in filming a TV series for the ABC.

Carla recently shared her story about how she was inspired to create Gaia’s Gardens with Living Well Radio.

She began by sharing how she felt overwhelmed by the world and how toxic it is and how this motivated her to embark upon a 2 year training in horticulture and conservation.

“At the time I was in marketing wine and doing promotions when I woke up one morning and said I don’t want to do this.  It is not who I am and quit my job and went on a Vipasanna Buddhist Retreat at the Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat in Serpentine. Through extensive meditation I realised my soul’s purpose was to work with people and plants. I came home and started studying horticulture and here I am today.”

Overcoming Hardship and Health Challenges

Carla has had an interesting journey and she feels that it is through the hardships she has personally experienced that she is now able to give back to people who have also been through hardship.  With her mother a victim of domestic violence and drug abuse she experienced a tough time growing up. As a wayward teenager, Carla has had to work very hard on herself to get where she is today.

At the age of 21 Carla ended up in a wheelchair because of a rare knee condition; on both knees which meant she had to go through several surgeries and even had to learn to walk again!

She said, “So I think a lot of my drive and motivation literally comes from having to learn to walk again. Like even when I walk now , and I can run which is something that my doctors told me I would never  do… but when I do it, it is such an incredible experience! “

In her 20’s just after she had learned to walk again, Carla got diagnosed with Ross River Virus and she really suffered with it because she also had chronic fatigue and the arthritic symptoms knocked her out. Her health has now become a driving passion which has evolved into the growing of plants for food, health and healing.

Replicating what Mother Nature does, Gaia’s Gardens practice companion planting and use lots of edible flowers to create beautiful edible colourful gardens.

She said, “Plant food has lots of nutrients in it and eating smaller amounts is so nutritionally dense that it has all of the good components in it.”

In her informative workshops people get inspired to be able to create a connection to growing and making their own food using natural plants.

Carla said, “I want people to go away feeling empowered. I don’t want people to just go away with my recipes – and feel like they can make sauerkraut – I want them to feel like they can create something themselves from scratch –

It is all the Old skills that I want people to remember that they have and the things that are around us like weeds, lemons and rosemary that are growing in our gardens-all of these things are useful but we have forgotten how to use them and how good they are.

“So I guess my message is really promoting that grass root life style and those forgotten messages and those skills that our grandparents had and finding happiness and health through those practices. 

 Carla said, “People can do it themselves, they do not need to rely on others – It is not the magic pill that is the magic answer – it is not the doctor you have to see – it is about taking responsibility for self and teaching yourself how to make these things for yourself.”

 “What I get back from my job just working with the plants and feeling that connection every day and being outdoors with it all and every day seeing those intricate details of nature keeps me going!

My work is very physical and very demanding but somehow I feed off that energy and it keeps me going because I genuinely love it.

Involving the family

Carla and her son enjoy making gardening patches from scratch. They also enjoy making bliss balls together. She recommends getting kids involved in a way that helps to save time and making it fun.

“Little things such as using and sharing the things we have around us instead of being wasteful because that is going to save us money because we will need fewer things. We will have more time as we need fewer things.”

Giving Back to the Community

Gaia’s Gardens have just taken on their first community garden. They were fortunate to have taken over from PAWS their permaculture garden which is different from a conventional community garden. They are hoping to facilitate growth in other community gardens that are not running so well – that is in the future.  There are plans to move into rural areas and they recently conducted a workshop in Mukinbudin – showing how to make wicking beds, a water wise way of growing vegetables.

A portion of all funds collected from Gaia’s Garden business go back into community programs and their excess organic produce grown in their vegetable gardens is donated to people within the community who need it most.

Carla has a grand vision. She just wants to change the world – one backyard at a time.

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Gaia’s Gardens Upcoming Workshops: 

JUN24            Edible Weeds Forage  Sun 12:30pm ·

JUN30            Natural Beauty Workshop  Sat 10:30am ·

JUL1              What The Soil? Workshop  Sun 12:30pm

JUL21            Fermenting for Better Health Workshop  Sat 10:30am

JUL27            Edible Weeds Forage Fri 12:30pm

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