Becoming the New Earth


While many people believe the Earth is just a giant rock revolving around a brilliant Sun, she is in fact a living breathing consciousness with a soul, subtle bodies and energy nodes. Her soul is known as Gaia and is the governing consciousness of the energy fields resonating within and around her. She is in effect the CEO of Earth’s physical and subtle bodies, monitoring their development and influencing the specific energy nodes and chakra points which make up the visionary geography of her sacred sites.
Like every living thing, there is nothing about Earth that is static – from her weather, to her mountains, her rivers and her seas – everything is in a constant state of change and flux. Some things on her body live, while others die. Some things get bigger, and others shrink. This is as it should be within the cycles of life and death that she embodies. There is nothing about this natural process of change that should alarm us.


Yet many people are now becoming alarmed by some of her more recent changes as her body moves, her waters shrink and her ice flows melt. While it’s true that humanity continues to walk heavily on Earth and treat her with complete disdain Gaia is clear that we should not be alarmed, that we should not act from panic.
Alarm and panic she says are human responses to things we do not understand and are based on the emotion of fear. Through our fear we are relying on commissions, summits and political agendas for the answers we search for, instead of through respectful interaction with the earth.
When we interact with the Earth as a living breathing being – not as a rock once covered with trees with a beautiful ocean here and there – she will respond like a mother, welcome us into her fold and will let us hear her heartbeat. By listening and interacting with her heartbeat we begin to develop a sense of the bigger picture. We start to become aware that her pulse is central to everything that happens and that all things on her body are connected!
Consequently we see there is nothing which happens to her that does not happen to us and that every part of her is an aspect of a consciousness which responds to as well as reflects our interaction!
Through our interaction we also realise she is a very wise being with a big heart; one that is also very grateful for our interaction. She especially welcomes our communion at this particular time in our connected evolution.


wall_web.jpgGaia is currently preparing for a new existence at a higher level of vibration. She is becoming a ‘New Earth’ and there are many things to do in this process, such as changing the resonance of her subtle bodies; cleansing the shadow imprints from her energy fields and pulling more light into her re-connected visionary geography.
The soul of a planet progressing in development, taking not only its own vibration but that of all other living things into a higher vibration, is unique in cosmic history.
While her body is adept at cleansing and healing, by working with light and drawing it within, our mindfulness of the plan and any help we can offer in its facilitation will be graciously received. Becoming a New Earth is a profound process of soul development for Gaia which cannot happen over night. In fact the engineering of such a plan requires many pieces of a large cosmic jigsaw of timing, placement and awakening to be placed in the correct order.
The soul of a planet progressing in development, taking not only its own vibration but that of all other living things into a higher vibration, is unique in cosmic history. It is an amazing thing that she is attempting to do. Those of us who reside on her, from the single celled organism to the largest mammal, are extremely lucky to be a part of it.
However, while the animals, plants, trees and other organisms have been consciously assisting in this plan and helping her to do what is necessary for a very long time, Western humanity, supposedly the most advanced species on the planet is predominantly not even aware of such a plan.

Left Brain Logic

This has come about as we have followed the path of left brain development by focusing on science and technology to help us understand this world. Left brain thinking has difficulty believing in Gaia’s very existence, let alone a plan for a New Earth! It’s weird, doesn’t make sense and is completely illogical.
As we know, the left brain relies on logic. It also relies on facts that can be measured and tested to prove something is valid. The left brain’s only current evidence in relation to the soul of Earth and her plan for ascension is climate change, which science and technology inform us is happening due to our emissions and carbon footprints which we can change over the next fifty years.
Yet Gaia informs us that this is not just due to emissions and carbon footprints but is a reflection of the changes she is making as she cleanses her subtle bodies, releases negative imprints and re-connects her visionary geography.
Furthermore, creating a fifty year plan to enable humanity to exist in the same way it does now, she says, is not the way to engage with what is happening. This will only keep the focus on predominantly left brain solutions that attempt to create certainties in an uncertain world.
While none of this will have a major impact on what she is doing – because the plan has reached a path of no return and will go ahead anyway – ignoring the truth and choosing to stay in old paradigms of thinking will make it hard for humanity.
Imprints of fear, denial, resistance, power and separation which manifest in our subtle bodies through left brain thinking are in the process of being cleansed. Should we continue to manifest similar thinking and similar ideologies of how to live our lives, the collective unconscious of humanity will move into a pattern of holding rather than on of release. Consequently it will be harder for us on an emotional and physical level to experience the changes in vibration.
Therefore as this process of change continues, the very minimum humanity can do, both on an individual and collective level, is to engage in, and learn about, right brain thinking.

cl-issue-80-final-with-crops1_page_06tm.jpg Right Brain logic

This should happen regardless of whether we strengthen our relationship with earth or choose to consciously participate in the changes. The right brain recognises the natural world, believes in the invisible or energetic realms, honours the unknown and understands intuition and insight. Thinking via the right brain is also holistic and inclusive. It dissolves judgement, embraces individuality and helps us to encounter change with enthusiasm rather than fear.
As humanity as a whole learns the aspects of right brain thinking and discovers how to think, feel and act in harmony with these aspects the response to what happens on this planet and how we live our lives, will change permanently.

Embracing Change

We may start to understand and embrace these changes for what they are – a profound unfolding of an ancient cosmic plan which is fostering the collective evolution of a vast number of species. These species are currently experiencing a three dimensional life on a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy called Earth, which has an amazingly generous soul called Gaia.
Then again, we may just decide through right brain thinking that it really doesn’t matter what the truth is or whether any of this is real. We may decide what really matters is living in the moment, recognising that there is no past or future and embracing the NOW.
Should we choose to follow that pathway the Earth and subsequently humanity will be happy; we will have entered the paradigm of the New Earth!

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