Plastic FREE July: Take Small Steps to Make a Difference


Millions of people around the world during “Plastic Free July”, are taking their own steps by choosing to refuse single-use plastic. Last year, participants avoided 2.6 million tonnes of waste!

It doesn’t matter what choice you make, switching to reusable cups, avoiding plastic packaging, or sharing the video and inviting family and friends to take part; together our small steps make a big difference. What’s your step?

By sharing your step online and tagging @plasticfreejuly #SmallStepsBigDifference, we can encourage others to join in and be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

plastic free july

Simple swaps to try this Plastic Free July

One of these is reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bottles at home. With the rising cost of living impacting grocery baskets, Aussies who are regularly opting for bottled water over the tap could make significant savings each month, simply by making the switch to filtered water via a jug. According to BIS Oxford Economics, 10% of Australian households mainly drink bottled water at home, which equates to using 5.8 million plastic bottles a day and costing $3.5 million each day.

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Founder of Plastic Free July, says that small changes we each make in our daily lives can help turn the tide on plastic pollution. There are so many ways to reduce plastic waste at home including switching from single-use bottled water to refillables.

15 Tips To Help You Reduce Your Individual Plastic Waste Through Simple Changes 
by BRITA and Plastic Free July 

  1. Make the switch to a filter jug instead of drinking single-use bottles of water at home or at the office
  2. Choose alternatives such as beeswax wraps or reusable containers instead of plastic food wrap
  3. Try a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one
  4. Skip the (plastic straw) or buy stainless steel straws to reduce plastic waste caused by used straws
  5. Purchase powdered laundry detergent that comes in a box instead of laundry liquid in plastic bottles
  6. Swap plastic bin liners for newspaper or certified compostable ones instead
  7. Avoiding pre-packaged foods by choosing bulk or loose food; better yet, take in your own jars
  8. Use soap bars instead of liquid soap in plastic containers
  9. Use your own cutlery when ordering takeaway food, instead of plastic ones
  10. Avoid using cling film and instead use plates and/or bowls to cover your food
  11. Avoid zip lock bags and substitute with silicone bags.
  12. Keep reusable shopping bags and store them in various locations such as your car and handbag to ensure they are always on hand ahead of a grocery shop
  13. Bring your own containers when ordering a takeaway to minimise the use of plastic containers
  14. When grocery shopping, opt for three plastic-free packaged items such as toilet paper, oil bottles and salt and pepper bags
  15. Always consider the three R’s for a better planet – reduce, reuse, recycle.

Consider what simple changes or swaps you can make during
Plastic Free July, to help make a difference.

Take a look at how Britta, a water filter company, is supporting Plastic Free July. Maybe your business and or the company you work for could also take a leading role. Click here to see how they are supporting Plastic Free July.


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