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April is the month of rebirth and happy events like the solar eclipse, Easter, Passover and a fresh heart health month as we get to share time with our family and friends. It’s a great time to get outdoors and go for walk in a local park or have a picnic with the kids and rellies. April also brings us the energy of remembrance with gratitude for the generations that have gone before us, as we remember those who served and those who fell in wars – Anzac, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq and others.

In this issue take a look at your horoscope for April and find out about the Solar Eclipse. There is positive news in the Heart’s Secret  Power for Health and Happiness and read about how negative thoughts can impact your mental health. Get to know your local Regenerative farmer and eat fresh healthy organic food. Discover 8 foods that have hidden gluten and try the delicious gluten-free recipe. Smart bins are coming to help win the war against plastic.

Featured Articles

The Heart’s Secret Power for Happiness Dr Sherrill Sellman ND

Get To Know Your Farmer – The future of food relies on it!

What’s Making News

Smart Bins Using Deep Learning to Dispose of Our Waste Research UniSA

Mental Health Do Negative Thoughts Haunt You Merilee Kern MDA

What’s Hot + Easter Specials

8 Foods That Contain Hidden Gluten + Bonus Recipe Cabot Health

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From Our Authors

The Art of Authenticity Kez Wickham St George

Welcome Directory Members

Paige-Maree HanlonPsychic, Medium, Tarot/Angel Card Reader, Intuitive Energy Healer

The Brahma KumarisCommunity service offering Meditation and Spiritual development to the Community.


The Spiritual Implications of UFOs Rick Archer interview with Mark Gober and Doug Scott

The Detox Phase of Democracies Thomas Hubl

 Coming Events

Braco’s Live Gaze is Coming to You Online in 2023

Bluewolf Book and Music Reviews

Why We Sing  Julia Hollander

The Anxiety Coach  Michael Hawton

The Journey David J Pena

Out of Doors  Bodhiheart

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