Conscious Living Magazine October 2022 Issue



In the October Issue of Conscious Living Magazine read about the latest research that dethrones Melatonin and affirms the benefits of Cannabinoids for better sleep. Learn how to use essential oils for dental health care and why chlorella supports women’s hormonal health by clearing endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Why growing Australian Edible Native plants in your garden is a sustainable choice.  Rachel Lang’s Astrology column for October points to a time of growth and transformation. Don’t miss the interview with Isira with Rick Archer and the latest book and music reviews plus a yummy recipe for Lemon Nigella Seed Muffins.  Find out how to get a FREE luxury holiday and our Passion and Purpose giveaway.

Featured Articles

Edible Natives  

Chlorella A Magic Potion for Women’s Hormonal Health 

 WHAT’S Making News

Improved Sleep Thanks to Cannabinoids – Historic Sleep Study Dethrones Melatonin, Affirms Alternative 

Recipe: Lemon Nigella Seed Muffins


Natural Relief for Vaginal Dryness

Natural Immunotherapy Solutions 


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From Our Authors

Miraculous Cycles of Growth and Transformation – October Astrology by Rachel Lang

Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder? By  Kez Wickham-St George

VIDEO Interviews

4 Sacred Pillars of Life  Rick Archer’s Interview with Isira

Coming Events

Human-Being Day– October 22nd Chidlow WA

Book Reviews 

Essential Oils for Dental Health – A Holistic Guide to Oral Care and Treatment by Karin Opitz-Kreher and Jutta Schreiber, D.M.D

Scrubbed – A heart surgeon’s extraordinary memoir of life, death and everything in between by Dr. Nikki Stamp reviewed by Grasshopper

Rebalance: How Women Lead, Parent, Partner and Thrive – reviewed by Janet Mawdesley

Music Reviews  

Our Dreams will be Told– Lorenzo Bracaloni reviewed by Janet Mawdesley

Flow by Maji reviewed by Janet Mawdesley

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