Is Beauty in The Eye of The Beholder?


“We do not need to change our bodies; we need to change our own opinion of  how we see ourselves”

When I first read this phrase, I was grabbed by its clarity and force, encapsulating the necessity to fight the structures of not only our western culture but a global culture where we feel the need to please others to feel good about ourselves. Low self-esteem is hence not a character trait or failure but is prescribed into our DNA by our culture. Over the years I have become more concerned by what I see advertised no matter where I look, which is if you don’t follow the rules set down by a faceless society then you are a failure.

There are many windows to look through when it comes to seeing yourself as perfect or beautiful.  Let’s look at the diet scenario which promises complete satisfaction once the diet is complete, should we not look at our self-esteem first? Low self-esteem, then attaches itself to shame and guilt when we do not reach our goal. So how do we reject the negative harmful thoughts that are induced by the majority of western society to alter almost every aspect of our bodies to measure up to their standards?

I am only able to write from my own experience when it comes to the subject of beauty, as to me the mind and the copious amounts of information we digest every day is the beautiful organ we call a brain. I truly believe that’s where we should start, loving the fact that we can change the way we judge ourselves. This one exercise is paramount to steamrolling over the ego. Every day we watch and absorb adverts on exercise, beauty creams, gym equipment, diet shakes, and slimming underwear, the list is endless. What if we changed that, instead of choosing what we digest digitally to feed our soul, what would happen? Well, I am a firm believer in we are what we consume, eating healthy (no diets) reading healthy literature ( a good whodunit) sitting in the sunny shade for 30 minutes every day, perhaps potting a plant, watching the wildlife ( birds in trees) chatting to a friend maybe asking this friend to join you on your mental growth pattern. I could name so many. I can tell you this though.

Today I began to write at 9 am, it is now 3 pm, why was I distracted? Morning tea was offered at our local beach, this also included a thirty-minute walk on the beach, showing some small children where the best shells were to be collected, joining in their laughter, the wind and sun on my face, watching the Pelicans and Seagulls plus to our delight a pod of dolphins swimming by. This to me was all the Manna I needed to come back and sit at the computer to write. So before you succumb to  I Must look beautiful for? Why not rephrase that thought? At this very moment in time… simply for today say. I am enough.

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