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New low-waste, low-packaging cleaning product beats major brands in eco-credentials and cleaning power

More than half of Australians are mindful of their impact on the environment since the start of the pandemic, with 88% of the population reducing their environmental impact in some way. A rise in ethical consumerism is on the horizon, unfortunately, three in four Aussies admit that it’s hard to know which products or services are truly better for the environment.

Attention all eco-aware, houseproud Aussies: a new non-toxic, highly effective cleaning product called Cleanery has landed – and it’s set to revolutionise household cleaning as we know it.

Cleanery is a plant and mineral-based formulation, and actively addresses the global problem of packaging waste by selling refills in a powder sachet, resulting in 99% less plastic than traditional single-use bottles. Developed by those clever Kiwis, Cleanery outperforms market-leading dissolvable tablets, eco-cleaners, and traditional cleaners in an internationally recognised product performance test and real-world situations.

With a genuine focus on delivering an eco-friendly solution for everyday cleaning, Cleanery’s product range is vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and septic tank safe, free from solvents, silicones, parabens, phthalates, dyes, phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, and GMOs. The product range includes multipurpose, kitchen and bathroom cleaners as well as reusable bottles. It is competitively priced and available through selected Woolworths stores and online.

“Most of us care about the world we live in and want to reduce our environmental footprint. We’re worried about excessive packaging and waste,” says Cleanery Co-Founder Mark Sorensen.  “But we’re also tired of products that don’t work and are overpriced. It seems obvious, but cleaning products need to clean. And this is where Cleanery shines, the cleaning performance is awesome, and the price is right. Consumers can switch to sustainable products without compromise.”

Developed by a team of scientists and engineers with 100 years combined experience, Cleanery’s range tackles serious household cleaning while being gentle on skin, surfaces, and the planet.

Cleanery’s powdered formulation comes in low-waste sachets. Using an everyday spray bottle or one of Cleanery’s glass or sugar cane-derived bottles, users simply tip the contents of the Cleanery sachet into the bottle, fill the bottle with 500ml of warm water, shake and then the cleaner is ready to use.

To tackle pollution, Cleanery also extended its eco-conscience to its manufacturing process. Ingredients for Cleanery products are ethically and responsibly sourced, and the sachets are also fully recyclable. In addition, Cleanery’s low-waste, low-emissions factory consumes around the same amount of energy as a family home, and the brand uses only sustainable postage and packaging options.

“After 25 years of leading the development of household and commercial cleaners, it has been refreshing to have been given a clean sheet of paper to work with a team of world-class engineers and scientists to design sustainable cleaning products that are truly effective and solve real-world environmental problems,” says Bernard Kimble, Head of Science, Cleanery. “This is the type of game-changing innovation that every scientist dreams about.”


Plastic waste is a growing concern, with Australians consuming one million tonnes of single-use plastic each year, and global consumption is expected to double by 2040.


“Traditionally, cleaning products are packaged in single-use plastic bottles because it’s cheap and easy,” says Cleanery Co-Founder Ellie Brade. “But at Cleanery, we’ve reimagined the way we deliver the end product – the cleaning solution – to the consumer so that it is cost-effective as well as environmentally sustainable. This is a passion project for us – we care deeply about helping customers make positive changes and having an impact at scale.”

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Cleanery kitchen, bathroom and multi-purpose cleaners are currently available in selected Woolworths stores with a larger range available online.

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