Conscious Living Magazine February 2023


Welcome to a new cycle of more peaceful change and transformation in this edition of Conscious Living Magazine.

According to the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, and with Saturn in Pisces, we are in for a time of inner reflection and spiritual growth.

With the recent passing over of friends and associates our thoughts have been turning to transition through death and the growing awareness about ongoing communication with loved ones who have passed over. There is a new film, Living with Ghosts about the role of after-death communication in resolving grief and a great interview with Mark Anthony about the electromagnetic frequency of the soul and the afterlife. We are reminded that life is constantly transforming us and that death of the body or the ending of any life cycle can provide the greatest impetus for spiritual awakening.

A Year for Inner Peaceful Changes by Richard Giles
Finally, A Safe, Natural, Non-Hormonal Contraceptive by Dr Sherrill Sellman

WHAT’S Making News
Poor Gut Health Raises Risk Of Endometriosis  by naturopath Margaret Jasinska, Cabot Health.
Micro Plastic Particles Linked to Colon Cancer University Eastern Finland.

After-Death Communication by Julia Mossbridge

Saturn in Pisces: Reflection and Spiritual Growth by Rachel Lang
The Art of Dealing with Rejection by Kez Wickham St George

Finding Your Own Intuition  an interview with Gerard Bini and Craigh Wilson
Afterlife Frequency and the Electromagnetic Soul Batgap interview with Rick Archer and Mark Anthony

Braco’s Live Gaze is Coming to You Online
Workshop: Singing is the Home of Love with Kavisha Mazzella

Living with Ghosts Movie

BOOK REVIEWS by Janet Mawdesley ( Blue Wolf Reviews)
Pure Spirit by Wendy Sheffield
The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Healing and Self-Care by Maggie Haseman

MUSIC REVIEWS  by Janet Mawdesley ( Blue Wolf Reviews)
The London Sessions by Ed Bazel
Melancholia by Doug Hammer

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