Saturn in Pisces: Reflection and Spiritual Growth


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Saturn in Pisces – March 7, 2023

 Saturn in Pisces offers wisdom to help us accept life’s challenges as part of a broader journey toward enlightenment. With Saturn in Pisces, we can consciously take time out for reflection and spiritual growth. The overall experience of Saturn here is one of profound transformation, where we can gain confidence in our inner strength and insight. Confusion in the outside world leads us to turn inward and fine-tune our intuition. Saturn in Pisces encourages us to move beyond the mundane and tap into our most spiritual nature.

This transit leads to the Saturn/Neptune conjunction of 2026 in Aries. They’re dancing together in Pisces, ending their synodic cycle in a dramatic crescendo that will finalize February. 20, 2026.

Many people could feel called to answer a call for spiritual growth through disciplined practices, but we must watch that we don’t lean into fundamentalism or rigid thinking. It’s a time of otherworldly connections and dreamy visions, and we could see more psychedelic research.

As we uncover new insights about ourselves during this transit, the universe offers powerful opportunities for self-reflection and transformation – a chance to shift how we see and interact with the world around us.

Saturn’s energies in Pisces also open us up to explore new creative avenues, whether through painting, drawing, writing, or music. We may feel inspired to express our spiritual side through art – an opportunity for others to understand where we’re coming from on a deeper level.

We could see more developments in healthcare and healthcare law. Drugs and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry are likely to occur.

Pisces is also water, and with Saturn being the planet of law and order, we could see water wars, legislation over water ownership, and water events happening at this time. In the last transit, floods and droughts both occurred.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and its influence aims to heal. As a culture, we will benefit from this influence on addressing mental health.

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Your Horoscope February 2023


This month, and until May 16, expect to feel more energized about all you’ve been building. The Sun moves through Aquarius until February 18, helping you call on friends and supporters. This a time to promote your work, recruit collaborators for a dream, and maintain a broad perspective. You’re the right mix of unstoppable and strategic.

The Leo Full Moon on February 5 awakens a sense of nobility, making you more aware of how to assert boundaries. Do you dedicate time to activities that feel forced or stale? Do you feel drained when you spend time with certain people? If so, protect your precious time and energy by excusing yourself and prioritizing more nourishing relationships and activities.

Step away from your routine, dress up, and socialize this month, especially after Venus enters your sign on February 19. At the end of the month, you’re beaming radiance, and others will notice. February 15 is one of the most romantic days of the year; celebrate love in whatever ways feel most soulful.

Relationships are back on track since Mars stationed direct on January 12. You can heal and resolve any lingering conflicts or disappointments on February 11, when the warrior planet forms a harmonious sextile to Chiron. Fortunately, Mercury enters innovative Aquarius that day, so you can move through a healing process without shedding too many tears.

Career takes a backseat when the Sun enters Pisces on February 18. You end the month itching to make changes, but before you do, you must lay some spiritual groundwork in preparation for Aries season.



Do you get tired of reading “stubborn” as a Taurus descriptor in Sun sign books? Persistent, steadfast, and unshakable are synonyms we could use instead. Celebrate these qualities and the quintessential Taurean aspects of your personality. This month tests your resolve, but stand firm. You’re welcoming a miracle.

The Full Moon on February 5 stretches your attention between home life and professional recognition. It’s awards season, and you’re ready to take home the golden statue. You’ve reached a pinnacle, leaving you looking for a new peak to climb. You may desire the freedom to explore new opportunities but read the clues and signs heading your way. After Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11, you can monetize words and ideas. Think about writing… and then sit down with a pen and paper.

All planets are going direct, reminding you to stay in the flow of life’s current. If you cannot grasp a clear sense of where to focus, let your intuition guide you after February 18, when the Sun enters Pisces. The Pisces New Moon on February 19 offers peace and clarity. Take the extra time for meditation and prayer to clarify your vision for your year and future.

Your mind slows down at the end of the month with relaxed Venus casting a rose-coloured hint to everything, including love. It is the month we celebrate the heart, and love could surprise you when you least expect it. Your eyes open wider to see more of your own beauty after the planet of love enters Aries on February 19. How would your life look different with unconditional self-acceptance and love?


GEMINI (MAY 20 – JUNE 20):

With Valentine’s Day right in the middle of February, it’s the month we celebrate the heart. The Aquarius Sun shines a light on your relationships, restoring faith and inspiring a spiritual shift toward more harmonious interactions. You can push beyond the rough patches by having an open mind. On February 15, Venus meets with Neptune for one of the year’s most romantic days. Bring your heart and mind into alignment.

The Sun in Aquarius intensifies your drive to create. Follow your curiosity and impulse to play and bring artistry to everything you do. The Leo Full Moon on February 5 invites you to share your story in front of a group. Express the truth resting in your heart. Be brave.

Mercury enters brainy Aquarius on February 11, and you could be ready to work with a new teacher or guide. After The Sun conjoins Saturn on February 16, that question takes shape. You’re ready to expand your knowledge base but know spiritual lessons can come from living life on life’s terms and not just by reading books. Simplicity is key.

Up through Valentine’s Day, you could feel more social and sentimental. Maybe it’s the season, or something deeper is shifting to allow you to experience more grace and love in your relationships. Go with it! Allow love to surprise you.

After February 18, your focus will shift to business when the Sun enters Pisces. Aim high if you are pursuing a new career path. Gather information to understand the puzzles you’re solving in your life. The pieces will click together with synchrony at the end of the month.



Pluto enters the last degree of your opposite sign this month. Since 2008, it’s been in a stand-off with your sign, revealing any cracks in your foundation. You’ve been in an extended metamorphosis, but you’re about to break free like a butterfly tearing out of its cocoon. This month, appreciate how brilliantly you’ve moved through transitions. The Pisces New Moon on February 19 helps you stay in the space of self-forgiveness and love.

The Leo Full Moon on February 5 invites you out of the shadows. It’s time to roar! Access your playful inner child and let your light shine for all to see. Motivate yourself to try new ways of marketing your business. The same applies to your personal life. If you’ve been more introverted this season, accept invitations to social gatherings or local events.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, enhancing your right brain’s capabilities for intuition and creativity. You could have a mystical encounter. Make meditation or prayer your focal point for the end of the month when your faith encourages you to stay committed to all you’re manifesting.

Since it’s the month of Valentine’s Day, you might have relationships on your mind. Commitment is a keyword with the Sun meeting with stable Saturn on February 16. On February 15, Venus meets Neptune in the most romantic transit of the year. Love meets imagination, sparking other-worldly connections and intuitive insights about your ability to be at peace in relationships. It’s a fertile time to nurture your relationship. Venus moves through goal-driven Aries after February 19, speeding the pace on your love-life decisions.


LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

The heart, our body’s most powerful muscle, falls under the rulership of your sign. How fitting for someone as heart-led as you! Being heart-centred, you’ve learned you must march to your own beat, even if it’s unpopular. As a Leo, you can’t get away with skimming the surface in relationships or earning a paycheck doing uninspired things. How wonderful to be born under a sign that requires such authenticity. This month, as the Sun shines in your opposite sign, Aquarius, it may be difficult to distinguish truth from distraction.

The Leo Full Moon on February 5 opens a pathway to self-love. We can define it by how you prioritize your deepest needs and structure boundaries around how you spend your time so you can best meet those needs. The pathway to self-love involves staying focused.

It’s the month for Valentine’s Day, and romantic relationships are the highlight of your astrology. With all planets going direct this month, love may feel like an adventure, especially after Venus enters Aries on February 19. Venus is the planet of harmony and beauty. How can you see more of your partner’s beauty? When we’re in long-term relationships, we aren’t as awe-struck by the goodness we saw in our lovers at the start. Love is in an ongoing renewal process, even when our relationships change form.

The Pisces New Moon on February 19 helps you fast-track your financial duties. Clear the slate for new projects, events, and relationships. If you have felt ready for a career change, you could see favourable developments next month when the Sun enters Aries. You’re laying the foundation for great things to come.



The word romance was first used in the 1300s in reference to chivalrous stories of knights and their adventures. Romantic gestures and rom-com plots have changed over the centuries, but our courting behaviours still take on a similar tone. Your goal this month is to redefine what romance means to you. The heart-expanding Pisces New Moon on February 19 brings the perfect opportunity for healing and recommitment.

Love is a keyword for the year, and it starts this month. Venus shines a rose-coloured light on your relationship sector until February 19, making this a time to feel your heart’s urging and answer the call to love.

“Love is an act of will – namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.”

― bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions

Can you choose to love yourself? Set an intention to mute your inner critic and attend to the most tender voice of your inner truth. Hear your pain but also your joy. If you can make this a dedicated spiritual practice, you can set a pathway for opportunities.

Mercury meets Pluto on February 10, sparking inspiration in your creative work. Own your brilliance and draw others in to collaborate. You’re used to identifying a need and stepping into action, but we’re trying things a new way this time. Before you fall into busy work, picture things from an aerial view. Even if you have the energy to work around the clock, there may be an easier way.



As a Libra, you live within a paradox of conflicting desires, wanting stability and freedom. We move through different evolutions in our relationships to learn how to find a balance between these two forces. You’re born under the sign of togetherness, and you’re wired to prioritize others. However, your opposite sign, Aries, includes a range of symbolism around individuation for you to integrate and become whole. As we move through February, you are being asked to take a closer look at how to create more balance in your life. The Leo Full Moon on February 5 offers an invitation to joy, but that way involves taking a more playful approach to work, family, and relationships. Relax and enjoy!

Be bold and courageous in expressing yourself. The Sun shines in Aquarius until February 18, making this a time of intellectual exploration and creative expression. Aquarius opens our minds to think about how we can embrace others’ perspectives and learn something new. You can draw from your sign’s element, air, to develop innovative solutions to help you make progress toward a professional goal. Relationships are your key to success, and this month improves your social life, making it a good time to meet friends.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18 and brings you into a work phase. You’re laying the tracks for a new journey, and you can set those pieces into place at the New Moon on February 19. Take time each day to reflect on what you need to feel supported and connected. Life can be filled with more joy and less struggle.



With the most unpredictable planet, Uranus, in your relationship sector, it’s important to remember what bell hooks writes in All About Love: New Visions, “The practice of love offers no place of safety.” When we open ourselves up to love, we open ourselves up to vulnerability and expose ourselves to the possibility of disappointment. Though you know this, does it stop you from merging your life with another? No! Love is worth the risk. Venus shines in Pisces until February 19, inviting you to go all in.

Your home life is going through a transition as you clear what’s outdated and restore what’s been damaged. The Aquarius Sun shines favourably for house projects and family gatherings, offering a reprieve from some of Saturn’s intensity. On February 16, remember, everything is temporary. Celebrate the joyful circumstances and move through the hard ones with faith.

The Leo Full Moon on February 5 spotlights your career, making it a time for growth on your terms. Widen your perspective by attending conferences, joining an organization, or taking professional development classes. All planets are going direct, and you might feel pressure to work toward a goal. However, life ebbs and flows for water signs. You can’t force progress; let it happen.

On February 18, the Sun enters Pisces as the light of creative inspiration. We can underestimate the importance of play in our adult lives – it’s the antidote to struggle. When we’re playing, we feel relaxed, and this state opens us to miracles. Celebrate the Pisces New Moon on February 19 by doing something just for fun.



When you’re born a Sagittarius, you say yes to life. There’s a lot of momentum, and you feel optimistic about the future. Everything seems possible with all planets going direct, and you want to do it all! You don’t have many setbacks this month but trying to do too many things can create an energetic bottleneck, leaving you feeling uninspired and frustrated. As the Mercury shines in your sector of priorities and values (until February 11), try to set boundaries to protect your time and energy for those most important things.

The Sun shines in Aquarius until February 18, highlighting communication, marketing, and writing. What new things would you like to learn? Remember, time is malleable. Studies show our experience of time changes depending on our physical location, activities, or attitudes. If we perceive we have no time, we see time move more quickly. However, if we think of time as spacious, we experience more abundance of time. So, time isn’t a good excuse for delaying the start of a passion project. Make peace with time. Then, start your new adventure, especially at the Leo Full Moon on February 5.

The influence of Mars warms up your Valentine’s Day. It’s shining in your opposite sign, Gemini, throughout the month, helping spark a connection or introduce you to someone new. Venus, the relationship planet, enters fiery Aries on February 19, and the transit opens your heart in surprising ways. Friends and family remind you they love you at the end of the month. Your generosity often shines forth for others; it’s time to receive in return.



As a Capricorn, love is serious; you aren’t careless with your affection. Loyal and devoted, you understand the value of a committed relationship. The more stable your home life, the more you can branch out and succeed. The past few years have brought important romantic milestones. The Leo Full Moon on February 5 offers a time to pause and take inventory of your personal life. Blast through loneliness by restoring your faith in love. Heal a heartbreak by being gentler to yourself. Then, be your best Valentine, holding your lover to a higher standard.

The Sun shines on your finances, and the Leo Full Moon on February 5 illuminates this area of your life, allowing you to see how you might work through financial challenges weighing on your mind. It is a favourable time to discuss financial concerns with business partners or your significant other regarding your joint assets. For example, you feel motivated to generate new income streams through consulting or teaching.

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, making its way into your communication sector. It’s time to promote yourself- you have a way with words that can help you succeed in a job interview or presentation. The Pisces New Moon compels your imagination. If you feel inspired to write, dance, or sing, follow the urge all month.

The Pisces New Moon on February 19 signals a shift in communication. What new ideas can you explore? Make time to write and reflect. Your next masterpiece could be born that day. Share your genius with others to generate excitement for your projects.



Only those brave enough to be themselves in the world can accept – no, celebrate – others who dare to do the same. Of all signs, yours requires you to live an authentic life, which is no small feat in a world of societal norms, unspoken communal agreements, and relationship expectations. How do you stay centred in your truth with external influences coming from all directions? Let joy be your guidepost to truth and tension be your test of incongruency. Be who you are. The universe helps liberate you right now, especially on February 5, when the Leo Full Moon inspires radical love.

With all planets going direct, you receive the gift of clarity. Saturn has been shining in your sign, adding pressure to define your direction in life. You’ve reached new professional milestones and are now at a crossroads. Follow the path with the most beautiful destination. On February 16, the Sun meets Saturn, and you could land a new opportunity. Build your future upon the foundation of past successes.

Mercury enters your sign on February 11, making it a month for brilliant ideas if you’re willing to open your mind. Communication flows with this transit, making it a time to work with an expert to improve your relationship skills. How about a couple’s workshop for Valentine’s Day? Learning is romantic for an intellectual air sign like you!

The Sun enters Pisces on February 18, and the Pisces New Moon on February 19 could indicate a movement in your financial picture. Own your brilliance, and you will feel more confident when pursuing leads. Stay open to the possibilities – your creative ideas are inspired.



How do you define love? It’s an emotion, action, and sometimes, a commitment. It’s an energy we can’t limit by definition; it’s best explained through poetry, music, and art. Love is your inquiry this month. Venus, the planet of romance and heart connections, is sailing through your sign until February 19. On February 15, it meets with Neptune, inspiring other-worldly connections and mystical experiences of love. These experiences remind us of our infinite connection to one another, the earth, and the divine. As you grasp that awareness, you can accept aspects of yourself that have been hidden in the shadows.

The Leo Full Moon on February 5 calls your attention to your physical health as a reminder to prioritize your well-being. Engage in grounding and centring practices to steady yourself, especially on February 10 when messenger Mercury meets with Pluto. Mute stressful thoughts by planning a get-together with friends. Excitement is the antidote to anxiety.

The Sun enters your sign on February 18, and the New Moon on February 19 offers a chance to drive down an open road (metaphorically speaking).

All planets are going direct, making it a time of fast movement. You can manifest incredible things this month, and I encourage you to focus on your most beautiful dreams.

Venus enters Aries on February 19, shining a light on your finances. Faith is a keyword for you this month. So, adjust your mindset to develop a healthy approach to budgeting and spending. Birthday gifts come in various packages, and you can open your arms to receive them.

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