Bioptron Light Therapy


Have you ever thought about using Light Technology to augment your healing practice and modality?

The combination of light and colour therapy is a wonderful enhancement to whatever healing you are doing…and working within the lights and colours helps you, the practitioner, be protected and not take on the energy that is releasing.

The use of colour therapy can be shown to significantly enhance the benefits and use of subtle energies resulting from energy healing. The quality and intensity of the energy emitted from the BIOPTRON Light therapy devices is incredible and can be used by anyone who is serious about raising their energy vibration and consciousness. BIOPTRON, not only provides a medically certified polychromatic light but also 7 colours pertaining to each of the human body’s main chakras.

The Sixth Dimension Pty Ltd trading as Light Frequency is the Master Distributor in Australia for BIOPTRON Light Therapy Products.

BIOPTRON is a Swiss-made, safe, effective and economical therapy for everybody, everywhere, anytime.

The BIOPTRON Light Therapy System is clinically tested, proven & certified for the medical treatment of many diseases but are also phenomenal for metaphysical healing.  The devices include a range of colour filters covering the seven chakras.

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