Lymph Drainage – Key To Wellness


By Dr Ravi Ratan

Lymph is the interstitial fluid, similar to blood plasma containing lymphocytes and white blood cells. Our Lymphatic System is made up of vessels that carry oxygenated blood and metabolites to our extremities, removing waste and toxins.

Lymphatic vessels are interlaced with lymphatic nodes, located mainly in our joints. Major lower body lymph nodes are called Inguinal nodes and are located in the upper thigh. Major lymph nodes for the upper body are located under our arms and are called Axillary nodes.

Lymph nodes contain phagocytes and lymphocytes. When we catch any infection the microbes move through our lymphatic system and flow into our lymph nodes where they are destroyed by the phagocytes.

Medical science believes lymph flows because of muscle suction and this is why people with sedentary lifestyles are prone to lymphatic blockages. But there are many more reasons for lymphatic blockages.

Lymph Drainage helps emotional balance

According to Ayurveda and the Chakra system, the human body is made up of two-thirds water, most of which is found in blood and lymph. Water circulation is controlled by the energy associated with Sacral Chakra, called Vyan Vayu. This Chakra also regulates sexuality and emotional balance along with Heart Chakra.

I have observed that clients who have issues with menstruation, sexuality, fertility and reproductive organs are likely to have some sort of emotional disturbances or blockages.

This also results in unresolved pain such as back pain, neck and shoulder pain, breast pain and pain in the groin. These symptoms can easily be relieved with Lymph Drainage.

Congested lymph can cause a host of skin problems, including acne, allergies, eczema, and psoriasis, even cellulite. Again, Lymph Drainage can relieve all these symptoms.

Because all major lymph nodes are in the front of the body, except for those behind the knee and neck, it’s easy to massage and unblock them. It can be done while taking a shower. Clearing our lymph nodes helps us avoid many health problems and stay healthy.#


Dr Ravi Ratan at FM’s Aromatherapy India integrates Aromatherapy, Lymph Drainage, and Emotional Release at Chakra Balancing. Further information:

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