A Roadmap for Healing with Frequencies


This is a fantastic interview because Lisa explains how to use the Gold Cycle frequencies in the Healy for powerful healing. Those who have the Gold Cycle edition will learn how profound it is. 

In this conversation, Lisa, who has 12 years of knowledge as a TimeWaver and Frequency Therapist as well as using Healy, explains how to use the Micro-current and frequency programs of the Gold and Deep Cycle programs to create a daily program over 5 weeks for optimal results. 

We need to know how to use the best  Healy protocol to achieve the healing results we desire.  Lisa explains exactly how to do that. She will share essential answers for all of you who have started with the Healy and really want to know more. 

This is a long-awaited roadmap for long-lasting results.

Enjoy this exciting education video – Interview with Dr Sherrill Sellman and Lisa Golda


“Lisa shares her step-by-step instructions of a proven roadmap for successes that  is based on her she excellent e-Book: 5 Weeks to Success – Healy System from the Beginning .  It is exactly what we have all been looking for – an authoritative guide to truly attain  successful results with the Healy technology.  I really do recommend getting a copy of Lisa’s e-Book – it is the best guide that I have found!” .. Dr Sherrill Sellman

You can download a copy of Lisa’s eBook from this link:

For more information about Healy frequencies visit https://healyhealth.net.au

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