A Super Food for Your Pets


Chlorella is a super food for your pet’s health and healing

We all know that health is our true wealth and, thus, making healthy choices will go a long
way to us to help us live a life filled with vitality. It’s just plain common sense that eating a
nutrient dense, organic diet is one of the best choices we can make to insure our

But what about our pets? For instance, dogs and people share roughly 80-90 percent of
their genetic makeup with humans, and we have similar nutritional needs. While we may
have realised the dangers from eating processed food, but are we still feeding our pets
some form of commercial food? Processed pet food is as bad for our pet’s health as is
processed human food. The skyrocketing rates of chronic disease in our pets mirror
ours. Not only is it devastating to see our pets suffer but ongoing vet bills are also
shockingly expensive.

If our pets live in our homes, breathe the same air, walk on the same pesticide-ridden
grass, drink the same water, and eat similar types of highly processed and denatured
food, then it stands to reason they will suffer the same diseases we do.
When it comes to our pets’ health, they are in trouble. These statistics reveal an alarming
increase in the declining health of our pets.

• Cancer now affects a staggering 1 in 3 dogs. Almost 50% of all dogs over the age of 10
will develop cancer.
• 10% of dogs suffer from heart disease.
• The number of dogs diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled in the last 30 yrs,
affecting 1 in 160 dogs.
• An estimated 54% of dogs and cats are overweight or obese.

What Are You Feeding Your Pets?

Have you ever thought about the food that you are feeding your animals? Most
commercial dog and cat food products contain various harmful ingredients such as
intestines, udders, heads, hooves and possibly diseased and cancerous animal parts. It
leads to a number of implications and diseases such as allergic skin disease,
inflammatory bowel disease, kidney stones, ear infections and diabetes to name a few.
Many chemicals are also added in order to improve the stability, taste or appearance of
the food. Additives provide no nutritional value. The cheaper the brand, then generally the
more garbage ingredients it contains.

The pet food industry is a multi-million dollar industry and full of hype and false claims.

They often deceive the customers by advocating their products as premium, quality and
natural. The consumers are made to believe they are feeding their pets healthy food but
the truth is far from reality. They produce cheap and harmful products in order to extend
shelf life.

The other risk to animal health comes from the exposure to pesticides and other toxic
chemicals sprayed on plants and lawns. For example, Round-up (glyphosate) is a
common weed killer that is exceptional dangerous to our animals, causing serious health
problems such as abnormal heart rates and rhythms, seizures, and cancer. It is
commonly used not only on lawns but also public spaces. Whenever animals walk on
public areas or lawns or eat grasses, they could be exposed to glyphosate or other
harmful pesticides.

Getting Real Nutrition for Your Pets

Keeping your pet healthy begins by giving them the best possible food. There is a
growing industry offering truly healthy products to feed your dog and cat. Always choose
the very best. There is one profound source of true nutrition that not only has a wide range of essential nutrients but also has the ability to bind and eliminate dangerous toxins, heavy metals, pesticides and even glyphosate.  It is found in unique one-cell algae called Chlorella which is not only nature’s multi-vitamin but also nature’s detoxifier.

Chlorella is true a superfood, rich in all the vitamins and minerals your pets require to live
a vital life and well as heal from various health challenges. It includes vitamins A (beta
carotene), C, E, and vitamin K, containing all the B-complex vitamins (including B12), zinc,
iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, iodine, omega-3 essential
fatty acid, and the enzyme pepsin. Chlorella also contains 58 to 70 percent of bioavailable
protein and all the essential amino acids.

The Health Benefits of Chlorella for Dogs and Cats

Chlorella is a powerful food that enhances your pet’s health in many important ways. By
including Chlorella in your pet’s daily diet, it will enhance overall well-being as well as
provide the necessary support for healing.
Chlorella is essential for supporting a healthy immune system in the following ways.
• It increases natural killer cells. These are white blood cells vital in the protection
against diseases including tumours and viruses
• It increases interferon production. These proteins notify your dog or cat’s body when
a virus is present, prompting the immune system to activate
• It increases antibodies. Chlorella intake has been found to prompt an increase in an
antibody required for immune functions. For example, one study found an increase in
SigA, is an antibody vital for mucosal immunity (the immune system’s largest component).
Another study proved that Chlorella improves humoral immune responses (another
component to the immune system).

Chlorella reduces the risk for Chronic illnesses.

Many diseases and illnesses, including cancer, heart disease and autoimmune diseases as well as premature ageing have been linked to oxidative stress caused by unstable free radicals. Free radicals are damaged cells in your dog or cat’s body. While some are normal,
excessive amounts can be caused by exposure to substances such as medications
including flea, tick and heartworm prevention, vaccinations, low-quality pet food and
environmental toxins such as pesticides. Without adequate antioxidants, these damaged
cells react by attacking healthy cells to replenish their molecules. Chlorella is rich in
antioxidants and studies have found it can effectively stabilise free radicals and decrease
oxidative stress.

Chlorella promotes effective detoxification.

Exposure to chemicals can lead to an increase in heavy metals in your pet’s body. Some heavy metals are normal and are important for your pet’s body function. However, high levels can be dangerous. Chlorella is one of nature’s best detoxifiers.
This ability is due to its high chlorophyll component and its ability to bind to heavy metals,
inhibiting their absorption and enhancing their elimination. One study found Chlorella
could prevent the heavy metal, strontium, from absorbing into the blood, and
simultaneously promote its elimination from the body. It has also been proven to speed
up the elimination of mercury and reduce blood lead levels by 66.03%.

Chlorella enhances digestive health and a fresher breath.

Chlorella improves gut health for dogs and cats as it is high in prebiotics and in turn helps stimulate the rapid growth of probiotics. It is high in prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotic fibres work to eliminate the bacteria in your dog or cat’s colon. As well as this, they provide fuel for probiotic good bacteria to grow. Together, pre-and probiotics create an ideal balance for your dog or cat’s optimal digestive health. In fact, one study found chlorella quickly tripled the probiotic bacteria in the gut.
A healthy digestive system leads to fresher breath. Chlorella contains a higher
concentration of chlorophyll than any other plant. As mentioned previously, this is a
powerful cleansing agent. For this reason, it has been found to freshen the breath of
dogs and cats by combating a common root cause of bad breath, an unhealthy digestive

Chlorella Improves the skin and coat condition.

Dogs’ and cats’ skin and coat is directly dependent on nutrients including essential fatty acids, amino acids, protein, zinc and vitamin C, all of which can be found in Chlorella. Protein is the main component in hair, so sufficient intake is essential in maintaining a healthy coat for your dog or cat.

Other critical nutrients found in Chlorella are the essential fatty acids, Omega-3 and 6
which are vital for the healthy skin and coat condition of dogs and cats. Omega-3 and 6
deficiencies include dry, flaky or reddened skin, a dull, discoloured coat and hair/fur loss.
Chlorella is also rich in two other important nutrients, Zinc and Vitamin C. Zinc is
directly responsible for the health of your dog or cat’s skin. This is their largest organ and
consists of tissue that reproduces quickly . A diet containing adequate zinc is important
for maintaining ongoing and consistent skin health.

Chlorella is also rich in vitamin C, which assists in wound healing. It helps to repair and grow tissue and produce collagen. All of which are important in maintaining your dog or cat’s healthy skin and coat.

Chlorella has key nutrients for eye health.

Chlorella contains beta, lutein, and zeaxanthin carotenoids which are important for eye health. Beta-carotene is a precursor to vitamin A which is used by the cells in your dog or cat’s retina to communicate with the brain via the optic nerve. The cells which are most important in low light (called rods) react particularly adversely to vitamin A deficiencies. Therefore, a diet rich in beta-carotene can help improve your dog or cat’s eyesight, especially their night vision. Lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids provide the retina with a layer of protection. In doing so, they can prevent eye conditions in dogs and cats including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Chlorella helps build healthy bones and joints.

Chlorella is rich in omega-3 which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. This is ideal for supporting healthy joints in dogs and cats. Additionally, it is important when managing joint discomfort associated with conditions such as arthritis and general aging.
Chlorella can also improve joint health through its high protein content. This extra protein
in your dog or cat’s diet can help to strengthen, repair, and rebuild their muscles, putting
less strain on their joints.

Guidelines for Using Chlorella

Chlorella is a superfood that provides a perfect balance of fats, proteins, and
carbohydrates. Animals always know what’s good for them and they especially love
Chlorella when it is added to their food. Pure chlorella powder can be given directly or
mixed into your pet’s food. As a general rule of thumb; for cats start around 1/8 of a tsp.
and for dogs use about 1/4 tsp. and work your way towards the recommended dose.
If you’re giving this daily to your pet, most owners begin to see a difference in 4 to 6
weeks. It will vary depending on the individual cat or dog but you’ll notice better skin
condition, fur, brighter eyes, and better vitality.

If you’re doing a detox, Chlorella will be more effective in eliminating the toxins if given
away from food. The start will half the recommended dosage and increase to the
recommended amount needed according to how your pet is responding and your cat or
dog’s level of toxicity and overall health. Chlorella should be mixed with clean water,
(properly filtered or distilled, not tap water) and can be fed as a green drink, or gently
squirted directly into your pet’s mouth.
If you’re detoxing your pet from heavy metals or radiation, remember to go slow but you
should begin to see an improvement in your pet at around 6 weeks depending on
their level of toxicity.

Chlorella can also be used topically to help treat burns and wounds, ease inflammation,
etc. Make a small paste using Chlorella and water and apply it topically to the affected
area. You could also make a more watery solution and use it to bathe the affected area a
few times a day.

BioGenesis – The Purest and Most Nutrient Dense Chlorella

When choosing a Chlorella product, it is always important to know where the Chlorella
was grown and processed. The nutrition and therapeutic power of Chlorella is only fully
available when it is grown in pristine conditions, processed and packaged correctly.
BioGenesis is a 100 percent Australian-owned company that grows, processes and
packages the highest quality Chlorella. Located in the pristine environment of Bowen,
Queensland, it is committed to growing and harvesting their ingredients with as little
impact on the environment as possible. All of their products are free from herbicides,
pesticides and environmental contaminants. Biogenesis also uses sustainable farming
practices and never tests on animals.

There is another factor that makes BioGenesis an exceptional company. BioGenesis has
developed a unique and innovative growth system that replicates the natural water flow of
a river, using water pressure as the motion force. This enables algae to grow to the
highest quality-standard exactly as nature intended.
BioGenesis Chlorella truly is miracle algae with an amazing profile of essential nutrients
necessary for your pet’s health. All of which will ultimately lead to improved energy,
vitality, mood and overall quality of life due to your dog or cat’s improved quality of health.
When you choose the highest quality food for your beloved pets, you will always be
rewarded with a healthy, happy and long-lived companion. Giving your pets their daily
treat of Chlorella will make them love you forever!

Sherrill Sellman,ND, is a Naturopathic Doctor, best-selling author, women’s health expert,
contributor to health magazine worldwide, lecturer and host of two weekly podcasts.
She can be found at www.drsherrillsellman.com and @sherrillsellman.

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