Walk Ins by Sikha Pros


Walk-Ins by Sikha Pros

Intriguing, fascinating and most enjoyable Walk-Ins from multi-instrumentalist and composer Sikha Pros, aka Joel Frias, captures the space in between sleeping and waking; that nebulous time when the mind and emotions have already travelled to places still vaguely formed in dreams; a place in between, a special ethereal space that heals, guides and cleanses the senses.

Earthbound is the body as the time of sleep passes, restful, fitful and full of dreams. Drifting in, the single note of a gong rings out, the breathy sounds of the shakuhachi flute played by Jing Yi, winds through the delicate percussion and piano to create a state of bliss, delicate and light.

Haunting sounds continue the journey into the Land of No Where with a ghostly overlay, created with a series of oriental instruments used sparingly with a synth basis, which seems to be indicative of the mind drifting, seeking, looking for that state of in-between; that special world where dreams are made. A rather enchantingly beautiful song in its slow, structured melody.

Who Am I, is something we all ask ourselves at some time in our lives.  Spoken vocals make this an intriguing piece. Once again the various notes of oriental instruments come together, underpinned with a definitive, pulsating beat guiding the song as the soul seeks to discover who! The eternal question is asked: Why am I alive!

There is much to Mundis Imaginalis to explore. ‘Mundis Imaginalis’ is a concept that dates back to Sufism which captures completely the elements woven throughout this sensitive EP. As the song unfolds, it brings to a completion the minds journey to the place in-between, to reawaken feeling refreshed, relaxed, and at peace once again.

Walk-Ins: a place in-between in which to get lost in a relaxing, most peaceful and gentle manner.

Website                                            https://sikhapros.bandcamp.com/album/-
Distributor                                        Sikha Pros
Released                                           March 2022
Running Time                                  22 mins 27secs
Artists                                                Sikha Pros

Review By Janet Mawdesley May 21, 2022, 6:54 AM



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