Dedicated to Improving Ocean Health


Australia’s Ocean Impact Organisation has announced six potentially game-changing startups that will participate in the inaugural Ocean Impact Accelerator Program 2022.

Each startup is attempting to solve a complex ocean challenge with innovative technologies
and new approaches that can help improve the overall health of the ocean, climate and the
broader environment. OIO is proud to announce the startups and their solutions on this fitting occasion with the theme of World Oceans Day 2022 being: ‘Revitalization: Collective
Action for the Ocean’.

To support the participating startups, Australia’s first angel investment fund dedicated to ocean health solutions was established, successfully raising over one million dollars. Each of the six startups will receive ~$100k investment to participate in the 7-month program that will culminate in a live pitch opportunity to an in person and virtual audience at OIO’s first annual Ocean Impact Innovation Showcase event in Sydney on 24 November 2022.

CEO and Co-founder of Ocean Impact Organisation Nick Chiarelli said,
“I’m delighted to announce the launch of this accelerator program, and equally delighted to announce the successful raise of over one million dollars into Australia’s first early stage investment fund focussed on ocean health. We know that ideas follow funding, so it’s vital that we drive increased capital into this space in order to reach the critical mass of founders and solutions that can ultimately transform ocean and planetary health. The quality of applications that we received from startups operating across Australia and the Pacific was very pleasing and is indicative of this fast emerging ocean impact sector that only a few years ago was nascent at best”.

Whilst this is the first investment fund and accelerator program of its kind in Australia, there is a rapidly emerging ecosystem forming globally to support and invest in transformative, scalable ocean impact ventures. The recently formed ‘1,000 Ocean Startups’ coalition is a great example where incubators, accelerators, venture capital firms, competitions and matching platforms have united on a mission to support one thousand ocean impact startups. OIO is a proud member of this coalition.

Dedicated to Improving Ocean Health

Chairman of Virgin Sir Richard Branson spoke at the launch of the coalition in 2021 stating,
“We need to unleash the power of entrepreneurship. Across the globe companies,
entrepreneurs and investors are stepping up to the challenges facing the ocean and
increasingly realising that what’s good for the ocean is good for business.”

The six startups and the solutions they are working on are (in alphabetical order):

Mayani, Manila, Philippines: Mayani is an agri-fisheries platform building a sustainable pathway to market for the Philippines’ 10 million smallholder farmers and fishers.

Nuvoe, Sydney, Australia: Nuvoe is building water bottles with inbuilt UV water filters, to reduce the need for disposable plastic bottles.

RiverRecycle, Helsinki, Finland: RiverRecycle aims to stop ocean plastic pollution by creating value from otherwise ‘low-value’ plastic waste.

Saathi, Ahmedabad, India: Saathi manufactures 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads from banana and bamboo fibres.

Skyology, Oregon, USA: Skyology rebuilds coral reefs with captured air pollution. Theye use proprietary georeactor technology to convert mining waste and atmospheric CO2 into a mild and safe form of ocean alkalinity

Uuvipak, Brisbane, Australia: Uuvipak upcycles clean organic food waste into single-use plastic alternatives, such as takeaway containers, cups, and cutlery.

Ocean Impact Organization — OIO announced Australia’s first angel investment fund and startup accelerator dedicated to improving ocean health In a boost to ocean health on World Ocean Day 2022.

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