Within by Michelle Qureshi



Slipping slowly and gently into peace is the first second and third thought and emotion captured with this gentle, sublime and elegant album Within from Michelle Qureshi, as she sits with her guitar and plays piece after beautiful piece, each sliding effortlessly into one another to create an almost continuous and meditative thread, undemanding and yet softly sensuous.

Twenty Four tracks, none overly long, make up within, which while the music appears to be effortless, allows the true skill of the performer to be enjoyed and appreciated for the shape and form of the composition. Without any distracting or added influences the music is as it has been conceived, clear and precise in delivery, soft and gentle in emotion.

In a year of discordant elements, it is delightful to be able to escape if only for a small moment in time to a world that is gentle, flowing, soft in hue and colour, as the guitar is encouraged to deliver, in perfect voice, the gift of tranquillity.

Very easy to imagine is Michelle Qureshi and her guitar simply sitting by the side of stream or gently flowing river, maybe under the canopy of trees, perhaps deep in a glade dappled with sunlight, allowing inspiration to arrive through her fingers, carefully selecting the notes to be played, constructing pieces as they are offered to her; going within to that special place where divine inspiration is to be discovered.

To dream and to go within; this is the true purpose of the music. Enchanting, unsophisticated, filled with light and joy, allowing a succession of images to be created and enjoyed, Within captures to perfection a woman at one with her music, guitar and person seamlessly melded into one special moment in time, seeking and creating ‘chicken soup for the soul’: something which is so desperately needed as we move into the closing tumultuous days of 2020.

Website                           http://www.michellequreshi.com/
Distributor                      Michelle Qureshi
Artist                             Michelle Qureshi


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