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Are you trying to cut down on alcohol but are sick of ordering sodas and lemon lime and bitters? 

Sans Drinks is the home of the most delicious non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits on the planet and they know how to have a good time, sans the hard stuff. They proudly focus on stocking Aussie brands that tick all the right boxes. All their range is created from natural ingredients, is low in calories, sugar-free and there are many vegan options. 

Sans Drinks is also conscious about the environmental impact of running a retail business and make every effort to only use recycled, upcycled or recyclable packaging. 

Jacquie and I sampled the Gin with tonic and a twist of lime  and we both enjoyed the experience of feeling refreshed and relaxed without any hint of dullness and we are looking forward to having the Newblood Shiraz for Christmas lunch.

Try these refreshing cocktails by Sans Drinks



Tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice generally make up this refreshingly chilled, sometimes frozen cocktail. This Seedlip non-alcoholic Margarita recipe substitutes tequila for the Seedlip Grove 42 alt-spirit. Grove 42 combines elements of sour, bitter and tangy citrus that make up one hell of a non-alcoholic Margarita.

Pina Colada

Do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? Hell yeah, you do! Take a trip to Puerto Rico with this coconutty, fruity, devilishly delicious drink! We’ve taken away the rum and the milky aspects you’ll traditionally find in a Pina Colada and replaced them with Lyre’s White Cane Spirit to make a refreshing, clean, non-alcoholic version of this classic cocktail. 

Lyre’s Dry London Spirit

Mix this delicious drop with a premium tonic or Lo-Cal soda for an amazing gin-esque experience. Or use it as a base for a Dry Collins, Martini, or any other gin-based cocktail. Non-alcoholic gin is made in much the same way as alcoholic gin. You take some aromatic botanicals (juniper is a must as anything being labelled as gin must have a strong juniper flavour, but some brands like to add other ingredients like thyme, rosemary, cloves, citrus peel, you get the gist…) and you mix them with some neutral flavoured alcohol, heating to distil all the goodness of those delicious herbs and spices throughout. The only difference is that instead of using alcohol, alt-gin will generally contain a delicious, naturally sourced, high-quality water.


Probably the best non-alcoholic red wine to enter the Australian market, NEWBLOOD’s Shiraz is a force to be reckoned with. The secret to NEWBLOOD’s authentic, full-bodied flavour is their unique triple distillation process. NEWBLOOD Non-Alcoholic Shiraz is deeply coloured in appearance, with an attractive bouquet of blood plum, dark chocolate and earth, leading to a soft and juicy palate with a velvety finish. 

See more online at  https://sansdrinks.com.au

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