Trust the Creative Channel of Divine Timing


How often have you been impatient and anxious about where you currently stand in life? 

It takes courage to sit inside the spacious gap, trusting your deeper knowing (inspiration) and not allowing your ego personality (motivation) to push you forward. There is always a physical gap between spirit and form. The miracle of life lies within the stillness inside this gap.

It is essential to listen inwards to connect with the universal presence of your soul. By listening to the whispering voice within, you will hear the clear guidance of your next inspired steps. A focused objective (imagination) will shape into actualizing a more apparent goal through inspiration, not motivation. You will always have spirit guidance speaking through you. As you feel your entire presence inside, you will see and hear the clarity of your obvious next steps. You will realize you are already on the path to realising your dreams.

You can choose whether you listen inwards with trust, flow, and ease. Your next inspired steps are always being guided to and through you without pushing, driving, or trying to make it happen. If you are disconnected from your mind and body’s higher intelligence, you will always feel like something is missing.

Your body’s higher intelligence is always guiding you in each moment.

Trusting divine timing means connecting and listening to your intuitive voice, guiding you into your instinctual next step in this very moment. To live this fully with presence, connecting with your whole body. Being inside your chosen action step entirely means being present with the mind-body connection and feeling your body as One with the wholeness of this action. Knowing this is whole and complete. In other words, there is no result to get to. The result is inside every step you take.

When you feel the fullness of life inside each moment, the presence of love, joy, appreciation, fulfillment, and appreciation will radiate through your body. This is divinity streaming through your veins, where universal intelligence flows. You will feel the presence of living and leading your whole life in complete alignment.

You will feel the difference when you are in and out of alignment. You will only connect with divine timing if you embody the presence of complete alignment.

If you push to make something happen, working harder to achieve anything differs from divine timing. Your hard work will only create friction, anxiety, stress, and overwhelm because you are trying to get ahead, living into a future without being inside the fullness of each moment. Presence arises when you are in a state of wholeness from within.

Divine timing feels like flow, ease, order, clarity of vision, and presence because you are listening inwards to your deep knowing, guiding you to your next inspired step in this very moment. You may get distracted by doing other things that may not be your highest priority. An indicator of this is you will notice yourself feeling disappointed in letting yourself down by not taking the action of your inner guidance.

Another way of knowing if you are trusting your deep knowing is by noticing whether your energy and balance in mind and body are equilibrated. Or are you emotionally reacting to circumstances and people in your life? This is another indicator. My motto is: “If it knocks three times, you better pay attention.”

When you gain conscious awareness, you will create greater alignment
by being a conscious leader of your whole life.

Gain conscious awareness so you do not feel like a passenger in life. The more you are out of alignment, the more you are being guided to become the conscious leader of your life, not a follower.

If this way of thinking and acting is new to you, I suggest you test it out on something you already know and keep telling yourself that you want to make time for it. You will only see clearly when you start to listen inwards to hear what your heart and soul genuinely say to you are your highest priorities.

Getting caught up in an automatic routine and saying ‘yes’ to everyone else is easy, yet you do not hear your intrinsic values speaking to and through you. If you keep pushing your true self aside, you will never connect with the essence of your calling. Your life will only change when you get honest with your higher self by asking empowering questions and listening to your inner mentor guiding your every step.

Listen to the Voice Within

Start listening to the whispering voice within, no matter how small the step or whether you think you know (or not) where this step will take you. The number of clients who have shared with me that they need to give themselves the gift of prioritizing small and simple steps is astronomical. They share with me that they want to return to the basics because they feel like their life is spinning out of control.

When we explore what the basics look like and feels like to them according to their true self, they quickly realize that they never had the essential foundations set up in the first place. They gain insight into the fact that they are trying to achieve a goal, a vision that is outside of themselves with a sense of chasing after it, which is keeping them in the mode of ‘chasing after more’ because they are still not feeling accomplished enough yet. True purpose and fulfillment continue to elude them because they are trying to build a vision without any purpose-focused foundations to stand on.

We often try to jump too far ahead with high expectations of ourselves without even realizing we are following someone else’s vision and values. If you are not feeling fulfilled and on purpose from within, you will continue to look outside for external rewards and compare yourself to other people’s lives. This means you will not be living your values-based vision that truly inspires the core of your being. Connecting with your true self through listening to your deep knowing, trusting divine timing, and expressing your highest values is the road to true fulfillment, presence, purpose, and inspiration.

Creative Wisdom Channel Writing

During my morning creative wisdom channel writing, these words naturally streamed consciousness onto the page, which has helped me to trust the creative channel of divine timing. I hope this also supports your transformational life journey.

Trust Your Channel

You were born with certain gifts and abilities
To express fully while on this planet
A life fully lived is trusting your channel
Even if you are moving in a new direction

Trust your inner vision and inner voice
Waiting for you to awaken your potential
Only you can express your gifts
Uniquely you are being called to

No comparison, as you have lived your life
A life that no one else has experienced
Your life is all a contribution
To the awakening of your authentic self-expression

Looking inward is a courageous path.
As the noises and distractions outside can sway you
To live life in another way that is not fulfilling within
Can move you away from your channel being fully expressed

Any pain you feel inside.
This means you did not go with your flow
The flow of your inner guidance
Whispering through, your next step to take

The path will only light up part of the way.
Trust your intuitive knowing and take your next step
As this step will light up your next steps
Feel the faith within as your vision moves toward you.

© Annette Stanton

ANNETTE STANTON is an Internationally Renowned Author, Speaker, and Master Vision Coach. Being on the leading edge as one of the foremost Intuitive Visionary Leaders, she is a powerful force for transformational change. Annette is the best-selling author of The Power of Vision and the originator of The Universal Principles of Infinite Power and has successfully coached thousands of people worldwide to live with purpose and realise their inspirational vision.

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