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A Natural Solution for Candida, Bacterial Vaginosis, Lubrication and Vaginal Dryness

Rejuvenation is such a buzz word these days. Many women are seeking the natural solutions to improve their health as well as quality of life. In search of optimal wellbeing, we are looking for better ways to increase our vitality, more youthful skin, improved sleep, enhanced memory and an overall feeling of joi de vie! There is one aspect of rejuvenation that is rarely discussed in polite company. When was the last time you had a chat with friends about your vaginal health? It seems that there is still a tabu when it comes to this subject! The fact of the matter, the health of your vagina is not only critical to your well being but is also an indication of the overall state of health. It is interesting to note, that, in fact, women of all ages may be experience some sort of condition that affects a healthy vaginal environment. Many factors can affect vaginal health. Stress, compromised immunity, hormonal imbalance, diet, medications, toxins and ageing all affect the condition of your vagina. In fact, vaginal health plays a greater role in our life than most women realise. For instance, vaginal problems can affect your fertility, desire for sex and ability to reach orgasm, experience of sexual pleasure, risk for sexually transmitted diseases, vulnerability to infection and yeast overgrowth as well a bladder infections. It’s really worth taking some time to appreciate the important role that your vagina plays not just with your health but with your enjoyment of life.

A Very Brief Tour of Your Vagina

Adequate lubrication, vaginal tissues become dry, thin and prone to tearing. Vaginal atrophy causes the tissues of the vagina to shrink and thin, which can narrow the canal and reduce its elasticity. It’s more common during menopause. During menopause, oestrogen production drops, reducing the amount of vaginal fluids and interfering with the vagina’s pH. Atrophy can also happen earlier in life due to other causes of decreased oestrogen, such as breastfeeding, ovary removal, and certain medications. Just like the gut, the vagina consists of trillions of microorganisms — mostly bacteria (primarily lactobacillus), plus some fungi and viruses. Together, these populations make up the vaginal microbiome. Antibiotics and other medications, just like in gut bacteria, can basically eliminate lactobacillus and lead to an overgrowth of more harmful microorganisms. Disruption of the microbiome can cause an imbalance of healthy bacteria, which may lead to bacterial vaginosis, candida and even viruses creating a susceptibility to STDs.

Never Underestimate the Importance of Vaginal Health

Somehow the education we received about our bodies, skimmed over the importance of vaginal wellbeing. Without the ability to ensure optimal vaginal mucus production as well as a well-balance vaginal microbiome community, women of all ages can find themselves dealing with the uncomfortable and, sometimes, debilitating vaginal health issues. The most common conditions associated with compromised vaginal health include the following list.

Thrush (candida) – an overgrowth of candida albicans Bacterial vaginosis (a bacterial infection causing itching and a smelly discharge)

    • Lack of lubrication
    • Painful sex
    • Cervical dysplasia (precancerous cells caused by a virus around the cervix)
    • Vaginal atrophy (thinning of vaginal tissues)
    • Lack of vaginal mucus
    • Impaired vaginal microbiome

As a Naturopathic doctor specialising in women’s health, I became aware of just how many women were experiencing a range of vaginal health issues. Since pharmaceutically prescribed solutions always include potential side-effects, I wanted to find an effective, safe and all-natural solutions that would address many of the most common vaginal problems. I was finally able to formulate an exceptional solution that addressed the many vaginal imbalances. The answer is Hygeena, an all natural, non-hormonal vaginal suppository that heals, regenerates, and restores vaginal tissues! It also supports the rebalancing of a healthy vaginal microbiome environment. Hygeena’s formula includes Omega 7 (sea buckthorn), Aloe Vera, Natural Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol, Hyaluronic Acid, Pueraria Mirifica (phyto-estrogen), and SilverBiotics® (scientifically proven to quickly kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus) is a powerful solution for vaginal wellbeing! Hygeena has been carefully formulated with a unique And the best part is, it is easily administered as a vaginal suppository!

Hygeena – a Natural Solution to a Healthier Vaginal and Sexual Wellbeing?

The answer is Hygeena, an all natural, non-hormonal vaginal suppository that heals, regenerates, and restores vaginal health! Its unique formulation of Omega 7 (sea buckthorn), Aloe Vera, Natural Vitamin E (alphatocopherol, Hyaluronic Acid, Pueraria Mirifica (phyto-estrogen), and SilverBiotics® (scientifically proven to quickly kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus) is a powerful solution for vaginal wellbeing! Pueraria Mirifica Pueraria mirifica is a plant that grows in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. For over 100 years, Pueraria mirifica has been used in traditional Thai medicine to promote youthfulness and rejuvenation in women. It has phyto-estrogen benefits on vaginal tissue, including alleviating vaginal dryness and painful urination, improving vaginal atrophy, and restores thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls. Pueraria mirifica, as a phytoestrogen, promotes oestrogenic effects but without any of the health risks associated with prescribed oestrogen hormones. Hygeena is formulated with Puresterol®, a patented extract of Pueraria mirifica.1

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a natural compound produced in the body. It is a real superstar when it comes to rejuvenation of tissues. It has the unique ability to attract and retain more than 1000 times its weight in water. Thus, hyaluronic acid enables cells to retain moisture which keeps the tissues lubricated and hydrated. Both ageing and stress will diminish HA, and cells lose their ability to hold moisture. That translates into a loss of elasticity. HA is phenomenal at penetrating the skin’s layers where it affects tissue repair and protection while boosting elasticity and hydration. Another important feature of HA is its ability to transport nutrients from the blood directly to skin cells. All these benefits make hyaluronic acid a powerful ingredient in Hygeena to reverse vaginal dryness and revitalize vaginal tissue!

Omega 7’s (Sea Buckthorn oil)

Sea buckthorn oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy against various ailments. It is extracted from the berries, leaves and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant (Hippophae rhamnoides), which is a small shrub that grows at high altitudes in the northwest Himalayan region. Sea Buckthorn oil has amazing beneficial effects on vaginal tissue, helping to improve mucosal integrity and vaginal dryness. Omega 7 is a very specific essential fatty acid derived from sea buckthorn that helps women to regain healthy vaginal tissues. Omega 7 essential fatty acids are important structural components of mucous membranes which form the protective lining of internal organs such as the vagina. Omega 7 is essential for the health of the membranes in the vaginal tract. In a study conducted by The Department of Obstetrics and Genecology in Finland, it was concluded that sea buckthorn oil was a natural and effective solution to restore healthy mucous membranes.


The patented SilverBiotics® with SilverSol Technology® is a safe and highly effective form of silver, known as nano-silver. Throughout the ages, silver has been renowned for its anti-microbial effects. SilverSol Nano-Silver Technology® is the most effective form of silver ever created. It has been clinically tested and demonstrated that it is totally safe and has no known side-effects. SilverBiotics® has been scientifically proven to quickly kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Studies have demonstrated that in just ten minutes, Silver Biotics® successfully killed Candida! In addition, Silver Biotics® is effective in resolving bacterial vaginosis as well as viruses, such as HPV. The good news is that SilverBiotics® will not cause antibiotic resistance nor alteration of healthy vaginal microflora. In addition to its lubricating and anti-microbial effects, it is also able to quickly reduce inflammation, itching, pain and burning while at the same time accelerating tissue repair and healing.

Natural Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)

Vitamin E oil has proven effective in relieving symptoms of combat dryness, vaginal atrophy and soothes irritation. Research suggests that the topical form of this vitamin helps skin hold on to water, a key factor not only in softness but in healthy, resilient skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is used in the place of water as base for hydration and as an anti-inflammatory star. Its benefits are due to a combination of a very wide range of ingredients including Vitamins A and B, proteins, amino acids, good fatty acids and triglycerides. Its medicinal properties eliminate harmful bacteria, help dilate capillaries and increase blood flow, as well as helping to relieve pain and itching.

How to Use Hygiene Vaginal Suppositories

Carefully remove and discard the covering. Insert the suppository like you would a tampon. You can use your fingers and push it up until you can’t feel it anymore. Ideally, insert the suppository before bedtime. It can be used at other times of the day, if required. Once introduced, it dissolves within 10-15 minutes and achieves its soothing effect entirely unnoticed. you should remain laying down to prevent the suppository from dropping out, until it is fully dissolved. For acute conditions you can use one suppository every 12 hours. It is also recommended to wear a panty liner, especially during the day as there may be mild discharge. Depending on the severity, you could also use one half of the suppository at night. As vaginal tissues heal, you might want to use a suppository or one half of a suppository every other day or two. Use it as needed. Hygeena is, by far, the best all-natural, gentle vaginal healing and rejuvenation ever formulated and guaranteed to help women of all ages regain vaginal wellness.

Finally, A Natural Solution for Vaginal Healing, Wellness and Rejuvenation

The healing power of nature is profound. As women journey through the many stages of life, nature has provided the solutions to support health, vitality and healing. This is also true for the changes that occur to the vaginal environment. Hygeena truly is an elixir for vaginal health. It can help women regain sexual pleasure as well as vaginal health. Unlike commercial products, Hygeena is all natural with no toxic, chemical or harmful ingredients. Hygeena’s unique formula incorporating Pueraria mirifica, Hyaluronic Acid, SilverBiotics®, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Natural Vitamin E and Aloe Vera has Nature’s most healing gifts to support vagina healing and wellbeing throughout a woman’s lifetime.


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Dr. Sellman is an international author, psychotherapist, women’s health advocate and seminar presenter. Through her books including Hormone Heresy—What Women Must Know About Their Hormones, lectures and seminars, she has empowered women all over the world to make more educated and informed choices about their health


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