The Comfort Book


If nothing else, the past many, many months of the life and times of the Covid pandemic had taught us the real value and need for connectedness with family, friends and community. It has highlighted the terrible effect mental health is having on the wider community and the many troubling issues of an uncertain future many are grappling with, often for the first time in their lives.

Matt Haig has collected a wonderful mix of poetry, stories, wise and wonderful sayings, along with excerpts from his personal journey with depression to create The Comfort Book, one giant, massive hug in paper form that offers hope, understanding and a sometimes wry look at life and all who sail in it! His collection of gorgeous words help sort through many things that often need a slightly different perspective on those deep, dark ‘down days’.

Mantra’s from his personal journey rub shoulders with quotes from Marcus Aurelius’, along with many others, questions are considered such as ‘the power of why!’ He looks at why he writes and why, on his lowest darkest days he wrote down what he was feeling. Reflecting back, he realized it presented hope, a pathway that could be used by anyone suffering with a debilitating illness. A perfect place to investigate this concept is “delete the italics’ and when you have done this the words that are left at the conclusion of the exercise are cathartic; a new perspective, a fresh viewpoint of YOU.

The Comfort Book is meant to be used little by little, dipped into and enjoyed as required. Open it at random and read what is there for you: words of understanding and comfort, many that have stood the test of time, many that are full of wisdom reach out with their age old wisdom and comfort.

Consider The Comfort Book as best friend, there to offer wisdom, philosophical viewpoints, wry smiles, food for thought, along with a lovely warm hugs of comfort, not a word spoken, just thoughts on paper to help along the way on those days when a slightly different perspective, a gentle wry smile and a hug in book are just simply the perfect solution.

Author                                          Matt Haig
Publisher                                       A&U Canongate
ISBN                                             9781786898296
Distributor                                     Allen & Unwin
Released                                       July 2021


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