Live like tomorrow matters: Practical skills, recipes and rituals for a simpler life

As the movement to safeguard the environment for future generations grows, there is a desire in the population to live a simpler life and to minimize the use of limited resources. Jade Miles, who with her husband Charlie Showers run Black Barn Farm, a biodiverse orchard, nursery and workshop space in north east Victoria has produced a valuable volume full of tips, and practical advice to help the reader to take small steps towards a wholesome sustainable life style.

‘Future-Steading’ is divided into two sections; ‘The Why’ and The How’.  ‘The Why’ explains the seven pillars on which ‘Future-Steading is based: ‘meet Mother Nature, Celebrate Simple, make your place, seek ritual, creating your clans, salute the seasons, and love local’. The author explains each of these pillars in detail; including how her family has incorporated the concepts on their property. The summary, at the end of each section provides the reader with simple real-world suggestions as to how to embrace the particular pillar being discussed.

‘The How’ follows the cycle of the seasons and provides the reader with a wealth of information as to how to maximize benefits from the bountiful gifts of nature. By including recipes, pollination, medicinal plant and crop rotation charts, this is not only an interesting read, it is also a wonderful guide for becoming more self-sufficient. For readers, who wish to further their knowledge and upskill for resilience, the author has included a detailed list of books and magazines.

If you are looking to become more self- sufficient and don’t know where to start, look no further than this comprehensive guide. Not only is it full of easy to follow ideas, but it is also beautifully illustrated with magnificent photos and eye-catching illustrations.

Author                                        Jade Miles
Publisher                                     Murdoch Books
ISBN                                           9781922351401
Website                                       https://www.murdochbooks.com.au
Distributor                                   Murdoch Books
Released                                      August 2021

Review By Nan Van Dissel  


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