Serenity with a lovely rich understory is the trademark of 2002, Pamela and Randy Copus with their talented daughter Sarah, a combination that simply keeps on getting deeper and better as each new album will testify. Hummingbird, their latest release is perfection.

Rainbow Cove sets the benchmark for the entire album, introduced with the delicate touch of strings, before flowing into an all-encompassing surround sound to take the mind and senses to another place, the many ambient aspects of the earth flowing throughout the music. Allow the mind to drift gently to wherever It chooses to flow to prepare for the pleasure to follow.

Beautiful string work leads in Gathering of the Clouds creating a brooding but light piece reminiscent of the orchestral sound prevalent in the 1960’s and ‘70’s, the slight hint of the ocean, the ebb and flow of the waters, the sky deepening as the clouds begin to gather.

Sarah Copus on harp creates magic for the delicious piece Walela; a delicate addition of vocals allowing a touch of a mystical journey entices the listener into a secret world only they can discover.

How many times do we Court the Moon, looking in awe at the light shining down on earth, offering a pathway through the darkness, adding romance to the moment, mystery and mystique ever present as the night drifts toward the dawn. This gentle, slow song captures the etheric beauty that is the moonlight washing over the world as it has done since time immemorial.

Delicate and soft Through the Rainbow brings to mind the beauty to be watched in awe as water cascades from a high waterfall, the droplets catching the light to create the rare sight of a rainbow dancing within the spray of the cascade.

With a final gentle flourish, the First Day of Spring draws to a conclusion the delicately crafted Hummingbird, an album that ushers in a time full of fresh hope, the colours of the earth blossoming joyfully after the long cold winter, lighter skies, longer days the warmth of the sun covering the earth with healing rays.

2002 have captured the magic of the small, gentle bird that is the Hummingbird, a bird folkloric considers to bring joy, healing, good luck; some legends say it is a spirit being who helps people in need, all of which has been captured within Hummingbird. Their wing speed patterns form the pattern for infinity, also the symbol of 2002. A perfect match.

Distributor                              Myndstream music
Released                                 June 2021
Artists                                    2002



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