The New Wickham St George Book Cover Awards


Why did Kez Wickham St George, already a popular global Book reviewer, an award-winning international author with fourteen books under her name in four different categories and three languages, come to the decision to create a Global Book Cover Award?

Well, it all began as a fun conversation with one of her colleagues “you always know a book by its cover’. The power of those words stopped Kez in her tracks. With her expertise in reviewing over 400 books, she knew that the cover is often the first draw card for your readers, and the idea slowly took form.

Kez believes in insight, and the idea of book cover awards had a certain ring to it. She mulled it over till it was tangible. To impact the market with her idea, she needed innovation and the influence of others’ creativity so many questions were asked of her peers in the literary field.

Kez took all their suggestions to heart. She knew if she placed this opportunity in the right places not only would it encourage authors and artists plus all publishers to enter. It would also assist in their books being read. And, it was this that drove her to commit. There were many times it did not feel right, but Kez recognized the imposter syndrome and dealt with it.

There were times she thought this is going to be too hard, acknowledging the self-doubt syndrome, which she also conquered, yet she was driven for many reasons, the major one was her continued commitment to her writing community. She knew from her own experience, to be a well-read author, you not only need your own self-belief firmly in place, you also need others to believe in your authorship.

Once the dream took shape, it was like a roller coaster albeit at times one with brakes. When the artwork arrived, Kez knew this was the right path, the flyer perfect, the timing perfect, there is no better feeling. It was time. So let’s reward those who love the covers on their amazing books.  Kez would like this opportunity to welcome all authors, artists & publishers who have a book that is published and would like to be awarded for their amazing book covers to apply.

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The Wickham St George Book Cover Awards  open on the 1st of February 2023 and will be finalized by October 31st.

Email your book cover as a PDF to [email protected]  Registration Fee $25 payable to Account Name: Kez Wickham St George BSB 016440 Account 278987436

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