This symbol, Laguz, is on the cover of the latest release from renown guitarist David Helping; the title of the work is Rune. The descriptors of the Norse Symbol aptly describe the shimmering, mellow music to be discovered as each of the songs unfold, wrapping the heart and soul within the healing, peaceful power of the ocean.

Name: Laguz. Phoneme: L. Meaning: formlessness, chaos, potentiality, the unknown.

This work, unlike his previous album A Sea Without Memory is pure guitar, which initially is difficult to grasp as the soundscape indicates there should be at the very least, a synth involved somewhere within the construction; but there is not, which makes this a most intriguing collection.

As each of the songs unfold it is very easy to become lost within the sound, returning to the reality of daily life, feeling refreshed, while understanding the gentle and peaceful journey undertaken through the delightfully ambient, clever guitar work.

Free Dive immerses the mind immediately into the freedom of the ocean; for those who have enjoyed free diving at some time in their life, this piece resonates with the concept of the total freedom found as you return to the water; the essence of life.

A gloriously empathic Ascension of the Whales encourages the emotions to enter the realm of majesty through which these beautiful creatures of the ocean move so gracefully. A very special composition.

Changing seascapes encompassing a slight turbulence is created in Under Shallow Seas a piece perfectly capturing the differing elements to be discovered when the waters are not so deep, yet flowing in a timeless rhythm over the ocean bed below; the need to remain closer to the surface, when simply observing the world below is paramount.

Throughout the work the endless sense of peace weaves the pieces together in a seamless ambience that slowly draws to a conclusion with The Heart Of Us, perfect for a short meditation and completely underwriting the words on the liner, ‘From the sea came the rain and so we are from the sea’.

Title:    Rune

Artist:  David Helpling


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