The Intuition Journal


– Nourishing daily rituals to cultivate clarity, inner wisdom & inspired action

If you are looking to connect to your own inner wisdom, if you are open to explore your shadow side and core beliefs about life, and you are looking to develop a daily practice connecting to the sacred then this book will be just what you are looking for.

The intuition Journal takes you on a yearlong journey and is designed to be by your side as a place to write down your reflective thoughts through self-inquiry, connecting you to your inner wisdom and leads you to examine your core values. The pages are filled with readings and prompts to help you begin.

Jo ChunYan invites you to interact with your true self true in a personal exploration that delves into the hidden and private aspects your character and beliefs in your own sacred space. It begins with a Daily ritual and setting an intention that is connected to series of tasks that help you to look inwardly at yourself, and is followed by practical exercises and actions for the week.

The Journal is divided into four 13-week phases to reflect a theme of transformation. It’s perfect for anyone seeking increased clarity, growth and flow in their life, and for those excited to begin or deepen their spiritual journey.

 You will be surprised at where this daily practice will take you and it will change your relationship with yourself, your world view and how you relate to others in relationship. Leave behind the mundane and step into a world that is peaceful, calm, purposeful and real and connect with others that is honouring of yourself.  Connect to your sacred wise one within and be that person in every moment that you are able.

About Jo Chun Yan Author/designer Jo Chun Yan is a trained intuition coach, who is dedicated to helping people explore the art of listening to their inner wisdom, setting powerfully aligned goals and taking transformative ac:on. Following her own intuition has changed everything for her – it ignited her spirit. Since then, she has carved out invaluable space to embrace intuition in her everyday life. She consciously weaves it into every aspect of her work so that it connects to people on an energetic level. Jo has cultivated a loyal, engaged social media following.

For more info, go to Jo is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Title: THE Intuition Journal: Nourishing daily rituals to cultivate clarity, inner wisdom & inspired action
Author:  Jo ChunYan

Published 12th November 2019 | Hardback | $27.99
ISBN: 97817867827931


Reviewed by Jacquie Walker
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