Movie Review: Camino Skies


Camino Skies is an inspirational movie that tells a real story about 6 ordinary people from New Zealand and Australia, who come together on a journey to walk the 800 km Camino de Santiago. 

Each person is making this pilgrimage for different reasons. As the walk progresses, each person shares their personal story, and life’s hard knocks that has brought them to this adventure. 

As they get up and walk each day, the next leg of the journey, they are pushed to their limits, battling the heat, physical pain and blisters as well as the mental battle of facing getting up each day and continuing the walk. The film explores the themes of spirituality, wellbeing and religion. As the journey unfolds, we see how they pull together as a group and support each other and the uncomfortable moments too. 

By the end of the movie you are willing each of the walkers onward and are connecting with them in a very human way. Sometimes people do extraordinary things and go beyond what you would imagine is possible. The highs and lows, triumphs and heartbreaks cannot help but touch your heart.

Reviewed by Jacquie Walker

Now Showing at Luna Palace Cinemas

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