How to Fulfill All of Your Desires: Listen to the Whispers of Your Heart


How can we stay grounded enough to listen to the whispers of the heart while living our life in an ever more complex and busy world? 

Antonia Ruhl shares practical ways to synchronize your heart with the heartbeat of Mother Earth and break free from the endless looping of your thoughts that have imprisoned you in the past.

The mind is the gatekeeper. It tries to analyse, justify and keep us from trouble.

The heart is about desire, experience, feelings, and connecting with others. Our heart wants to be connected to love. It knows what it wants.

My philosophy of life is that we are connected to the Earth.

The Earth vibrates to a certain rhythm, just like our heart beats to a certain rhythm while our mind just keeps spinning. It keeps us in prison at the best of times, disconnected from our desires, which are our God-given right.

The mind keeps us from experiencing life, having, and experiencing everything our heart desires. Desire in Latin means ‘from the father.’  That means you desire something, and your father delivers it to you. Your father is God, the Universe, whatever name you want to give to the higher power that breathes your body.

Connect to Mother Earth 

Try to spend some time in nature, walking barefoot, pulling weeds, planting some plants, and walking on the beach.

By connecting yourself to Mother Earth your heart can feel the rhythm of the Earth.

That’s what I think anyway but the question is how are you going to do that? We live in this little cage, isolated from the Earth by our shoes, by our leather soles. We are always trapped in our minds, disconnected from the rhythm of the Earth.

Feel Your Heartbeat

Our heartbeat is so easy to feel. When you learn to connect your heart and your mind, it’s so easy. You just search for a point that’s in your hand. It’s in both hands, not just in one hand.

Place your thumb and index finger of one hand together to find the point in your other hand. The point you are looking for is located between your thumb and your index finger. When you find the point you will feel your pulse, your heartbeat.

When you have found the point in your hand, and you feel your heartbeat you will feel that warm fuzzy feeling flowing through your body but also you will have much clearer thoughts.

You can experience a lot of feelings as you come to that place of certainty because your heart is certain of what it wants. Our brain is the one that confuses us and imprisons us even at the best of times. It serves us very well when we learn but learning happens automatically as we encounter new information. Our neurons are programmed to learn. Without your heart pumping the blood through your body your brain won’t function. Interesting, isn’t it?

Mother Earth’s Rhythm

Too many people get caught in the spiderweb of thoughts created by their brain, often not even their thoughts but the thoughts of others perceived by our nervous system without our conscious awareness.

Have you ever thought why a spider never gets caught in its web? It’s because she stays playful and doesn’t get caught up in the burdens of the past.

Learn to reconnect to the rhythm of Mother Earth and tune in to your heartbeat once it has been synchronized to the heartbeat of Mother Earth and you will break free from the endless looping of your thoughts that have imprisoned you in the past.

In Love and Gratitude,

Antonia Ruhl

Antonia Ruhl has been trained as a herbalist by many traditional herbalists, including the medicine man of the Amazon Kayapo tribe, “Dancing Feather”. Antonia is also a highly gifted energetic healer. She can communicate with the cells of your body and has been trained in a wide range of therapeutic techniques. She is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, and Timeline Therapy Practitioner.

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