Life in Flow by Kate Kendall


Chaos is often the herald of change, which was the case for Kate Kendall. Returning home to Australia after a year living the high life in Britain, she discovered she was in a rather worse mental and physical state than even she had thought.

Suffering depression, burnt out from her hectic work life schedule, and having lost her competitive edge, she realised that a way forward could be to get fit, to return to an athletic and healthier lifestyle. She found her way to the Dharma Shala in North Bondi, a yoga studio, which back then was the first of its kind, not really understanding that it was all about, but very, very curious to see if yoga could help.

All this is history now as she went on to not only become passionate about yoga, mindfulness and the massive benefits to her health and happiness, but to make the decision to follow what she seriously considered as her life pathway, that of becoming a teacher of Yoga, heading for Goa, India and undertaking training in her new life.

Since those early days and hesitant beginnings, Kate Kendal has gone on to found, along with Ben Lucas, Flow Athletic Yoga, a concept which combines the best of traditional yoga with the best of modern health concepts.

With Life In Flow, she shares her journey, the good, the challenging and the reprogramming in a wonderfully clear, beautifully photographed workbook to satisfying curiosity, undertanding the true ‘flow’ of life and provides a well-trodden pathway to achieving peace and happiness, along with health and clarity in your life.

Kendall suggests the book is read thought in entirety to commence this ‘training course’ and then the chapters are selected and studied as required the as impulse dictates.

In the conclusion Kendal gently underpins the basic tenants of compassionate living which is to remember what brings you joy but do not forget to honour sadness and grief, that ‘we are all made up of the same stuff’ and we all need to practice daily kindness, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness, as life really is precious.

Life in Flow is the perfect medium to understanding the Yoga philosophy, how to begin on this pathway and the so very many positives that will come from a slower, richer far more aligned lifestyle that is just waiting for you to discover.

A lovely quote early in the book, illustrates the philosophy to be discovered;

“When you are doing something you love, doors open and magic happens”.

Title:                     Life In Flow
Author:                Kate Kendall
ISBN:                     9781760524128
Publisher:           Murdoch Books

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