Before We Were Born



Before We Were Born is a delightful and poignant story about what really does happen in the before or in so many cases, before we were reborn back again into the life we have chosen for many and varied reasons.

Requesting to be reborn into the materialistic world again was no easy thing to do, but as Kalli was insistent, Elia knew he would go with her, to be beside her if she needed him, protect her if he could and love her, even if was from afar.

And so begins, a beautiful love story that spans lifetimes, that carefully and skilfully crafts a tale of diversity, love, carelessness, devastation, friendship and understanding that many will relate to which will touch the heartstrings.

Elia and Kalli have spent many a lifetime together, occasionally returning to earth, which always came with a sense of desperate longing to reach out to someone on the earthly plane. Before they left the safety and beauty of their beautiful, white world, a world they had created with their love, their guides and mentors, brothers Moonhawk and Running Deer, come to try and get them to stay as they know, as only they can, just what is in this rebirth for both Kalli and Elia: that this journey is going to cost them both dearly and as it plays out, it surely does.

Kathleen Ready Dayan has used the concept of reincarnation as the basis for the storyline, wrapped in never-ending love, describing so beautifully through the lives of Joy and Jeremy, so many of the emotions we have all experienced, as we travel our own journeys.

Beautiful, well written and heartfelt, keep a tissue box close as the final chapters are those that could be seriously considered as ‘tear jerking’ moments of reality.

Author                                          Kathleen Ready Dayan
Publisher                                      John Hunt Publication
ISBN                                            978-1-80341-070-8
Distributor                                   Cosmic Egg

Review By Janet Mawdesley January 21, 2023, 7:51 Am

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