The Divine Feminine- a conversation with Khandro Rinpoche and Patricia Hamilton.

Khandro Thrinlay Chodon is a lay female Buddhist practitioner and a spiritual teacher. Born in the Indian Himalayas to a family of renowned Himalayan yogis of the Drukpa tradition, Khandro Rinpoche as she is known began her spiritual training as a small child and has studied both Eastern and Western approaches to spiritual psychology. She is devoted to bringing alive the wisdom of her ancient tradition into our modern world and has, with the encouragement of many Vijayanagar Buddhist masters, since 2003 been teaching in the West. She focuses on spirituality in daily life. Khandro Rinpoche is the embodiment of warmth and humanness and her teachings skilfully inspire us to deepen our awareness and courageously expand into the path of wisdom, joy, and compassion.


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