Everyone is born with Intuition. Once people get older a choice is made whether to use this gift or to park it off to once side and wonder why occasionally, they hear an inner voice, or a sense of knowing that warns them or advises them; many people call it a ‘sixth-sense’.

In this absolutely fascinating in-depth look at Intuition, Dr. Cate Howell asks how and what is Intuition and how it is defined within the modern framework.  Ancient peoples considered it a very normal component of their world, but as the modern world has become more scientific, more sophisticated, some of the finer complimentary sciences have been lost, of which one is Intuition.

Set out in three specific sections, the book is designed to be used in several ways: as a guide to better understanding which can be read straight through, as a guided course of complimentary therapy where a note book or journal is required, or as a ‘dipping into’ book, where a chapter can be read to better understand an inner knowing, gut feeling or sixth sense.

Written as a comprehensive overview, with complimentary therapies used as a basis for understanding how the spiritual dimensions of life combine to create a holistic outlook, Cate Howell answers so many of the questions that begin with How, Why, Where, When and What.

Regardless of how the book is used, it presents a wonderful journey of better understating of ‘self’ which in the world we currently live, with so many changes, so much unknown, so much shifting ground, having a greater knowledge of who we are and how we can better live with in ever changing world, Intuition is the key to understanding.

Throughout the various chapters or sections, Meditations are used to help focus, to relax and calm; Thankfulness, Mindfulness and Gratitude are also explored, all helpful tools and all that enhance a better understating of ‘self’.

Cate Howell offers her many years of knowledge and research in this easy to use guide to further enhancing your life and how to better utilise your ‘Intuition’ which will, once it is more comprehensively understood and developed, increase a sense of peace and wellbeing.

The final chapter commences with the words of Lao Tzu ‘ The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days’, which perfectly sums up the lessons offered throughout Intuition.

Title:                Intuition
Author:            Dr Cate Howell
ISBN:               9781925820317
Publisher:        Exisle Publishing        

reviewed by Jan Mawdesley

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