Travelers by Donald Altman


In this well-contrived storyline, the subjects of mental health, spirituality, healing and understanding are woven together to create a fascinating journey to a world of alternatives, which while at times could be considered as confrontational. Travelers also carefully offers much for consideration on how we as people live, or choose to live, our lives.

Travelers wraps around the theme of loss when Don Banks, a psychiatrist is trying to find his way through the trauma caused by the death of his daughter. He and his wife are estranged after this tragedy; she is seriously disconnected, choosing to spend her days in self-inflicted isolation, he is trying to find a pathway to accept what has happened and move on with his life.

When a troubled young man, Mason, becomes his patient his world takes a change of direction that is unexpected. As Mason’s story unfolds, Don Banks finds he is becoming more involved than he should but it is not until Mason reveals some surprising details of Don’s home, he begins to think that there is far more to Mason and his story than he understands.

As the narrative progresses Donald Altman carefully opens the Pandora’s box of mental health, viewing it from a vastly different perspective. As both Ben and Mason are in need of help and understanding, are they helping each other to heal or does the mysterious ‘Traveller Jacqui’ have more to do with the healing process that either man understands?

Interesting and in turn somewhat challenging, Travelers is a complex storyline, which has perhaps a little too much built into the journey undertaken by both Don and Mason and although well-constructed with skilful use of wording, the conclusion arrives with more of a whimper than a bang!

Author                            Donald Altman
Publisher                        John Hunt Publishing
ISBN                              978-1803410944

Review By Ian Banks 


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