How to Keep the Zip in Your Zag by author, Kez Wickham St George


“I’m often asked where I find the energy to do what I do in a day or where do I find my Mojo. Or put another way, where do I get my motivation?”

Well to me Mojo ‘is’ energy. So where do I get it from? There is so much out there to inform you of, but this time I am going to write about an instant of clarity that bloomed as I tidied up my own bookshelf and desk. Amongst the junk yes, I collect motivational sayings. Sunday is normally my day for a good clean out and sorting to go to either the bin or a keeper pile, unless there is a good movie on then I flag it until another day. I then realised that among the piles of paper, was my treasured folder of inspirational authors.

The posts and books I read are from Annette Stanton: Sylvia Marina: Diana Henderson: Karen McDermott to name some. I find reading a book for instance Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh inspirational.   I read daily, or nightly as I settle down to sleep: for I have a theory- if you read positive quotes, sayings, words, every day then your brain soon catches on and your own thoughts become positive, in your own life and your work life. Even though I have practised this form of thinking for many years, I would not call myself an expert in this technique, not yet. However, I have seen it work for many authors when their own negativity gets in their way of productivity.

Last year I had the privilege of mentoring a colleague who bemoaned her work life. I asked her to write and research a positive quote every day, pointing out the positives in her life, today I would say she outpaces me in being motivated.

So now when I’m asked about how I stay motivated, I begin by asking the person I am mentoring to collect information and to create a folder for it. They begin to create their own motivational book.  I show them my worn but treasured folder, many years old, and I’m still adding. I ask that they Google positive mentors, coaches, teachers, motivational writers, adding it to their booklet on a daily basis. Each week as we meet up on some digital platform, we chat about their choice, and I ask why it resonates with them. I get them to choose a weekly favourite, which is then pinned to the front of the folder, and I ask them to read daily.

Once you have helped yourself then you yourself can help others. Look for the positives in your life add them to your personal portfolio. It can only do one thing. Motivate your own Mojo and the Zip in your life wont Zag nearly so much.

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