Fertility: Mindset & Meltdowns: How to Manage Your Emotions While Trying to Conceive


For you, it is time to begin to have a family, something you have wanted to do for many years, but for one reason or another, the timing has not been right. If you have had fertility issues arise you may have found falling pregnant has not been easy, that it has been challenging, distressing and devastating.

The years have moved along with no or little change; you have been medically assessed, tried IVF, and studied to the minutest degree all forms of helping to conceive from Chinese medicine, acupuncture, diet, phases of the moon and herbal remedies.  So far nothing has worked, or if it has the fledgling embryo has failed to develop.

Your mental and emotional health has taken a battering, your loving relationship with your partner has faced serious stress issues and your entire life, in between your career responsibilities, is focused on falling pregnant. Your bank balance is suffering from the cost of the IVF attempts. The emotional pain is unbearable at times and a brave face is becoming harder to wear.

Lisa Ashworth, a woman who faced all the many issues of trying and failing to fall pregnant for ten, long painful years, finally discovered what she believes makes all the difference – Mindset, a simple yet complicated component of ensuring that you are always at your positive ultimate, no matter what.

Fertility Mindset and Meltdown is her journey towards motherhood, written in a warm and caring style that reaches out with love and understanding, to share the many things she eventually discovered that made the final difference to falling pregnant.

In this book, which is in the nature of a coaching course, diary and hand of friendship, she details how to go about making small but significant changes in the way you live your life, believe in yourself and begin to finally truly take care of yourself, the all-important person who is on a life-changing journey.

She looks at the issues of mental and emotional health, your relationship with your partner, stress in your life, taking back control of what is happening and most importantly and significantly, being honest with yourself!

If you are on this emotional rollercoaster ride, Fertility Mindset and Meltdown could be exactly what you are looking for; a breath of fresh air, gentle understanding and a beacon of hope that eventually you will fall pregnant and the baby you so desire will be yours.

Author                Lisa Ashworth
Publisher            Cherish Publications
ISBN                  978-1915680655
Website           https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fertility-Mindset-Meltdowns-Emotions-Conceive/dp/1915680654
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Review By Janet Mawdesley



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