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Heal Your Heart & Open Yourself Up To Love Again | Release Old Negative Energy Blocking Love | 528 Hz Healing Miracle Music For Love | Beautiful Soft Music To Soothe Heart | Open Your Heart To Love & Attract A Deep Spiritual Connection With Someone

Welcome, Dear Soul

💗 We present this beautiful 528 Hz music for the heart chakra to assist our listeners to heal and open their hearts to attract more love and positive energy into their lives. With an open heart, we live from our heart energy. When we live from our hearts, we naturally attract more love and positive energy into our lives, and we feel deeper compassion towards ourselves and others. This content can be used for meditation, prayer, sleep, or any healing rituals. Read more about the 528 Hz below.

💚💗Heart Energy Meditation💗💚

Become fully present with your breath. Inhale & Exhale deeply six times. Let your breath anchor you in your body and heart space. Bring your attention to the center of your chest. Caress your heart with your breath of loving attention.

Affirm: I am Loved. I am lovable. I am love. With each breath imagine a green or pink light growing stronger and stronger in your heart. Imagine that your heart energy is expanding… Visualize the heart energy moving through your body until every cell is filled with your love. Breathe love into every cell of your being. Feel the energy radiating throughout you. See this energy expanding until it surrounds you. Feel the energy radiating out from you. Feel how your heart responds to your loving attention. Feel your power. Feel your love. In your loving heart energy visualize your dreams and how they will soon be your reality. Allow yourself to build up anticipation, joy and love. Do this for as long as it feels needed in one session, and repeat for 21 days for astonishing results.💗

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💗About The 528 Hz Frequency💗 528 HZ, also known as the miracle tone, is the frequency that is thought to help return human DNA to its original state, removing impurities. By repairing your DNA, you’re not only enhancing your life energy, but your mindset improves. You can expect to attain greater mental clarity, a heightened sense of awareness, and deep inner peace. 🌸 Learn more about the healing Solfeggio frequencies🌸 https://selfhealingcollective.com/hea…


💚 Open Your Heart Chakra To Love 💚 Heart Chakra: https://selfhealingcollective.com/wha… What are the Chakras: https://selfhealingcollective.com/cha…



We at Self-Healing Collective have a deep passion for music, spirituality, prayer, mindfulness, nature, healing, and creativity. We wish to inspire and create a peaceful and safe space here on Youtube for self-healing, spiritual growth, prayer, meditation, and divine connection through our music and visual content. What we wish for you: Inner peace, healing, positive growth, purpose, understanding, and connections.

What we believe in: The love of God, Power of the mind, spirituality, growth, oneness, meditation, and wisdom.

What we stand for: Empowerment through self-healing and that all of us have great power within. What we support: Everything that promotes health, personal, physical, and spiritual growth.

What we care about: The evolution of our people and the direction we are going collectively as a species.

We wish to assist the earth in raising the collective vibration. We care about and love the planet that is our home. We support you on your path of self-discovery and growth. Our spirit greets yours.

Infinite love to all, Christine & Hanne

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