Witchcraft into the Wilds by Rachel Patterson


“I would love to take you on a journey, one that leads us through the wilds of nature and back to the roots and bones of witchcraft…” (Patterson 2017:4)

Witchcraft into the Wilds is a well-written practical guide to witchcraft and paganism, written for the beginner witch, by a witch. Or to be more exact, a High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven. Throughout there are discussions on almost everything regarding natural witchcraft and paganism and each is chapter brimming with interesting and crucial aspects of witchcraft/pagan practices and spells.

In this book you will become acquainted with subjects such as altars and offerings, the powers of the elements, mythical creatures, divination, astronomy, significant plants and their magical properties. Throughout there are instructions on how a witch or pagan may use and interpret these subjects, as well as how to practice their beliefs or magic in any location whether it be city or country.

The casual tone of this book allows a comfortable and great read that can easily be enjoyed without being overwhelmed or becoming stuck. Witchcraft and paganism are generally misunderstood topics that can inspire confusion amongst general audiences, however the definitions and explanations offered in Witchcraft into the Wilds will surely dispel any doubts or confusion. As the book was written in the United Kingdom, audiences in Australia or even America may find that some of the content, particularly regarding plants and animals, may not apply or be found in their regions. The central premise of the book is felt throughout; to get back to the roots and bones of natural witchcraft, with no need for fancy rituals or tools.

Overall this is a fascinating read that will not only instruct a budding witch or pagan but inspire a curiosity about the world around us. Even the Muggles amongst us.

Title:              Witchcraft into the Wilds
Author:           Rachel Patterson
Publisher:        Moon Books (John Hunt Publishing)
ISBN:             978 178535 4595
Web:              www.moon-books.net

Reviewer: Shay Hannahat from Bluewolf-reviews.com

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