Flight of Angels




It should come as little surprise to learn that talented ‘cellist’ Margaret Maria lives opposite a cemetery where, within her view, stands a particularly large stone angel, which more often than not appears to provide the inspiration for many of the pieces on this, her latest work Flight of Angels.

In direct contrast to her last powerful, feminist work Heroines in Harmony, this series of compositions is light, airy, reflective, immensely skilful and divinely intoxicating, reaching out with a very subtle but powerful energy that touches and resonates deep within the soul.

Firmly believing in Angels is indeed wise, when composing music to them in the first instance, which is then to share with mankind in a voice of rare beauty, created via the many layers and powerful range of the ‘cello.

Therefore, allow this glorious music to take you where it will, without definition; allow it to absorb your senses as each of the skilfully created tracks unfolds, pushing the senses to the very edge, allowing them to freefall into another time and place; a space which for some is seldom entered, but for others is familiar, relaxing and joyous.

As always Margaret Maria’s music is powerful as in Another World Opens, a piece which is unusually captivating, so much so that the emotion woven is one of vibrancy and joy. Noted for her ability to create layers of sound from her beloved ‘cello, Tears of An Angel, reflecting on the sorrows of today’s world, displays perfectly this skill, creating a layered texture of pure sound.

Mixed in with the various titles is the quirky And They Kept Kissing, an ethereal offering that has a delightful, almost Bohemian influence, a flouting of rules to create an individuality of sound to indulge the senses; a piece which brings to mind the famous pair of ‘kissing cupids’ much beloved of the 1990’s.

Be Love is almost the musical equivalent of the emotional and often spoken  mantras of mindfulness, respect and love: a classically constructed piece which crafts a soundscape of love and hope for the future, before signing off on the inspiring and deeply spiritual Princes of Heaven, a slightly different vibrational element offered in thanks to the  four archangels, who at various devastating times in her life were sent to offer, as only they can, their help.

After listening to this impressive, divine and sensually pleasing series of angelically inspired compositions, Margaret Maria does indeed believe in and talk with the Angels, as they too believe in and talk with her, through the richness of her inspired music.

Title:     Flight of Angels
Artist:   Margaret Maria
Web:     https://enchanten.com/

Courtesty Bluewolf Reviews reviewed by Jan Mawdesley

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