Sonoran Odyssey


Odyssey: a long and winding journey or voyage coupled with changes of fortune along the way.

Sonoran Desert: a place considered amongst the more spectacular deserts of the world, famous for is vastness, spectacular cacti and stunning scenery.

Coupled together under the magic fingers and mind of musician Paul Speer in his latest release, Sonoran Odyssey his music portrays to perfection the magic to be found in the vast open spaces of the world. The gentle, mesmeric elements of endless tracts of land, the sheer enormity of the landscape, the vivid hues of the land at sunrise and sunset, the majesty of a monster storm gathering to ‘Monsoon’ levels have all been gently or forcefully portrayed over the entirety of the work.

In many ways’ electronica captures the subtle aspects of this spectacular terrain far better as the ability to manufacture the sound to suit the emotion is unlimited. Add piano and guitar to the mix and you have an endless piece of music to relax into and enjoy. Tracks 1 – 7 create the Odyssey across the panorama, capturing the timeless nature of the storms, the Monsoons, the gentle Moonrise and the often-splendid Sunrise, heralding the arrival of yet another day. 

Bonus tracks are always interesting as they tempt to be discovered first; almost a secret waiting to be discovered, as does finding a way behind a waterfall to see what lies hidden just out of sight. Behind the Waterfall will not disappoint with its catchy, upbeat tune that clips along full of life, an element of fun and sunshine woven throughout.

Venus Rising is a wonderful duo of talent with the added element of flute played by Sherry Finzer, who weaves dimensions of the unknown into the tribal electric beat that pounds out and is one piece, which to be enjoyed to the full extent of the musician’s skills, should be turned up loud. This is an energetic piece that gets the blood pumping: brilliant, vital and alive!

A more ghostly Jupiter Via NASA, is a spacey piece which has an almost worrisome vibration, as if the Odyssey, now it is drawing to a close has allowed more to be discovered, or maybe not enough for the journeyman. Perhaps the nights peering into the incredible majesty of the star filled night skies has opened another dimension to be discovered. Fanciful maybe but then, maybe not!

Sonoran Odyssey from Paul Speer could almost be considered as a slightly guilty secret to be enjoyed and then enjoyed again.

You  can listen to some of the tracks from the album here
Venus Rising  –
Allegro 981 –

Title:     Sonoran Odyssey
Artist:   Paul Speer

Courtesty Bluewolf Reviews reviewed by Jan Mawdesley

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