Finns Feather by Rachel Nobel


In this delicately insightful story about love, loss and forever, Rachel Noble draws on personal experience to offer a gentle pathway forward for anyone who has lost a beloved child or parent, and the process of grieving; a pathway personal to everyone.

Finn knows his brother Hamish has gone to heaven and is very sad. He misses him every day. Everyone around him that knew Hamish is also very sad, but it is not until Finn finds a white feather on his doorstep, that he learns to accept that while Hamish may not be there anymore, Hamish is still looking down from his very own rainbow.

The problem is Finn simply cannot understand why his Mum and his teacher are not as excited as he is about finding this perfect, beautiful, white feather. He discusses this with his friend Lucas who asks him what he is going to do with the feather and why he thinks Hamish has given it to him.

They come to the conclusion, as little people often do, that perhaps Hamish wanted Finn to have some fun with the feather and so they set out to do exactly that, building a BIG castle, chasing the feather all over the school grounds and finally having to climb a tree, with the help of his friends, to rescue the feather.

At the end of the day Finns heart is so much lighter and he is more accepting of the fact that while Hamish may not be there anymore, as he is an Angel, he is still a big part of his life and in his heart forever.

A beautiful letter at the conclusion of the book offers a precious insight into acceptance, love and healing. In writing Finn’s Feather, Rachel Nobles wish is ‘for it to fly into the hands of every child who needs the story of hope.’

 Easy to read words combined with graceful artwork from Zoey Abbott completes a work which is both significant and poignant and is perfect for children struggling to understand the process of death and grieving.

Title: Finns Feather
Author:  Rachel Noble. Illustrations  Zoey Abbott
ISBN:  9781592702749
Publisher:   Enchanted Lion Books


Reviewed by Jan Mawdesley

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