The Journey Across Forever by Wayne Saalman


In this magical mystery ride through the prism of history, Wayne Saalman searches for the answers to humanity’s highest dreams from extra-terrestrial visitors to God, culture, religion, and the rise of hatred and horror. 

Consisting of 60 essays, written over a number of years, Wayne Saalman promotes, provokes, and challenges so many aspects of modern beliefs, from extra-terrestrial visitors to God, culture, religion, and the rise of hatred and horror, to pose the very real question, what is the destiny of humanity?

An Introduction from John B Alexander, a man who has travelled many fascinating pathways in his life, sets the scene for the material and thoughts to follow. His 32 years in the US Army led to an opportunity to become a member of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, to interact daily with brilliant scientists, such as his friend Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, and offers an interesting overview on Saalman’s essays. This overview piques the curiosity and entices further reading.

The Journey Across Forever by Wayne Saalman is written in the spirit of positivity, and encouragement and in the hope that his words will inspire a deeper understanding of all matters philosophical and spiritual and what exactly the catchword ‘enlightenment’ means in today’s societies, which is full of change, falsities and materialism?

Saalman believes that we are at a pivotal time in our history where change is moving, in many ways faster than ever before. As a result of that rapid change, he considers it important that we understand just what being ‘human’ really means and what happens, or perhaps how we gain a better understanding of what comes after our ultimate finale, death.

Each essay provokes a different train of thought, each essay has a tale to tell, a lesson to be learned, and much information gained about health, politics, spiritual concerns, and the fascinating concept that we are immortal. If this is indeed the truth, what exactly does that mean?

Fascinating, intriguing, and definitely containing subject matter that requires serious thought, The Journey Across Forever, can be read in any order, or to suit individual concepts. To fully appreciate the content, time needs to be allowed to consider the information presented.

Author                 Wayne Saalman
ISBN                      978-1-80341-170-5
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Review By Ian Banks

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