Conversations with my Vegetable Garden


For those of us who love our gardens chatting to your plants is not all that unusual, but it took Sarah Rajkotwala spending the time to document many of her conversations with her garden, sharing the wisdom that is to be discovered if only we choose to listen, to bring this skill to our attention.

 Her third book Conversations with my Vegetable Garden is based on the world that is to be discovered in her rather large vegetable garden on her property in rural South Australia. Having initially begun gardening in the traditional manner she soon discovered that when areas were left alone they developed some very surprising results, all to the positive.

As she had spent time talking with and documenting other sections of her garden it seemed logical to once again tune into what the garden fairies were trying to impart. Once again her chief fairies’ adviser Gentica came to assist and share her eternal wisdom.

Pages are filled with information offered as to the best way to get the fullest benefit out of your planting, which vegetables are best grown for their energetic qualities, some serious information as to the effect of people on the planet and how change can be encouraged for long term benefit.

 The information shared via the ‘vegie patch’ is very practical and makes complete sense, but it is reassuring to know. Along with the innate spiritual wisdom that is offered, are also some very good tips on growing vegetables, what to allow to go to seed and what to encourage for best results in your gardening.

Sarah talks about her garden as the months flow throughout the year, her successes and failures and some of the very interesting results she has achieved by listening to and working with her fairies’ advisers, which for any gardener will prove to be irresistibly well worth trying in their own garden.

The final section is dedicated to a list of common garden vegetables, their key features, energetic qualities, companion plants/planting and nutritional qualities, along with what particular plant they dislike being grown near.

Enjoy learning much from Conversations with my Vegetable Garden and then reap the rewards with vegetables that are happy, healthy and a real pleasure to enjoy.


Author : Sarah Rajkotwala

Publisher: Independent

IBN: 979-8570548022

Reviewer: Janet Mawdesley Blue Wolf Reviews

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