Feng Shui and 2022 YEAR OF THE WATER TIGER


How do you explain Feng Shui in a sentence? If summed up, maybe it would be:
“The Feng Shui system is developed and refined based on elements of astronomy, astrology, geology, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, physics, and divination (intuition).” 

Feng Shui and symbolism, the art of placement and the study of energy, can benefit many people. The more you understand, the more you can help yourself.

Your Chinese astrology and Bazi, or “Four Pillars of Destiny” charts, will determine very much how you perform and are impacted from year to year.

The world is undergoing rapid changes and if the past few years were of any indication; it’s not slowing down anytime soon. It is all too human to resist change, to stay in the comfort zone and avoid the great unknown. However, these things don’t last. It’s only a matter of time before the passage of time irrevocably changes what’s familiar to you; that is certain. But, inevitable as they might be, changes are not always scary and unwelcomed. In fact, it’s an opportunity to challenge the status quo and emerge better than when you began.

Chinese Metaphysical studies work from the Chinese Calendar, also known as the “farmer’s calendar” or the “Hsia calendar.” The Chinese Calendar is a uniquely accurate system where everything in the Universe is represented by Five Elements:

The relationship between these five elements helps to predict what is happening worldwide and within people’s destinies. Every single person has a combination of all these elements present in their birth chart – known as Bazi, or “Four Pillars of Destiny.” The elements’ presence gives an insight into a person’s destiny, accurately predicting the cycles of a person’s fortune. In so doing, you can learn how to multiply the good luck or minimize the bad luck in life.

Additionally, the relationships of the Chinese Five Elements are believed to be the basic components of everything in the universe, including sounds, colours, shapes, directions, numbers, emotions, organs… the list goes on.

In the Hsia calendar, 2022 is symbolized by two Chinese characters: Yang Water sitting on top of Wood Tiger. The 2022 Water – Wood elements configuration in a supportive cycle which will help to resolve conflict and bring more harmony in international relationships. However, the Yang water on top represents fierce ocean water, which sometimes becomes a tsunami. This may trigger impulsive and fierce violent actions without careful consideration and planning.

Yang Water symbolises a powerful ocean water. It is also representing intelligence, enthusiasm, devotion and pioneering.  As such, it is associated with positive drive and innovative ideas. A person born on a Yang Water Day often appears to be energetic, aggressive like an ocean and full of drive and passion to achieve their goals. On the outside, they can sometimes behave harsh, impatient and impulsive.  However, water is by nature a powerful and intelligent element, so Yang Water people often possess strong intelligence, enthusiasm, devotion and leadership ability, and can take dedicated actions to meet targets and accomplish their goals. 

Famous Yang Water celebrities include Tom Cruise, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Prince Harry, Anthony Hopkins, and Warren Buffet. Yang Water ladies are equally charming and successful, with examples such as Kate Middleton, the US Vice-President Kamala Harris, Jennifer Lawrence and Joan Jett.

The Tiger is rash, impulsive and dynamic, Tigers don’t know how to sit still. They take fearsome risks, but if you need a hero, then a Tiger will do fine. Tigers like to take on the cause of the underdog and will fight against any injustice imaginable. They are invariably charming and persuasive. They are born leaders, not because of any natural leading abilities, but because they can talk anyone into following them – no matter how ill-advised the project may be. They are good at starting new projects with enthusiasm and energy, but they hate routine and get bored easily.

The Tiger is… Best with Pig, Rabbit, Horse, Ox and Dog.

And Worst with Monkey and Snake.

Famous people born in year of Tiger include Tom Cruise, Martin Short, Pamela Stephenson, Richard Branson, William Hurt, Queen Elizabeth II, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Harris, Emilio Estevez, Joaquin Phoenix Jane Pauley, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Penelope Cruz, Kenny Rogers, Lady Gaga, and Victoria Beckham.

Have you ever thought or considered that your Chinese Astrology animal, is like your very own personal cheat sheet? It can be like a guidebook that reveals your thought patterns, greatest talents, and how you can achieve potential and identify opportunities that would come your way. When you are aware of these things, it helps you to become the best version of yourself, make better decision, and live a better life. Understanding how to avoid challenges and pitfall from one year to the next gives you the ultimate opportunity to overcome any challenges that life serves.

The exact effect 2022 will have on you, in experiencing either positive or negative energy, depends on your Chinese astrology animal.

It is important to know how your Chinese animal will affect you. If you are the “Rat” you will enjoy competitive luck but also faces some obstacles. The “Ox” has a good year for friendships and prosperity, but health luck weak. If you are the “Tiger” then set clear goals for a year of wins and success. “Rabbits” have life changing growth but needs to be careful of quarrelsome energies.

The “Dragon” has lucky stars but lacks motivation. If the “Snake” you are one of the luckiest animals of 2022, with excellent luck. The “Horse” has victory on its side enabling it to overcome any challenges. Strong success luck for “Goats”. A very promising year the “Monkey” catching big breaks. The “Rooster has a year of incredible opportunities. Windfall and helpful people luck for the “Dog” in 2022 and great success luck for “Pigs” in 2022.

Health in 2022

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the Wood element represents the liver. It is also responsible for the growth, activities and motion of our limbs, meaning there will be more of a tendency for people to be keen to move around, exercise and do sports. The Water element is related to the kidneys, urinary system and sex organs. 

Fire organs will also be impacted. These include the heart, blood circulation, and overall vitality of the body.

Stock Market and Economic Outlook

2022, Water Tiger gives life to Wood, bringing growth and creating positive optimism and so enabling recovery for the economy. 2022 will be a year of resuming business and travelling the world can become vibrant after two gloomy years. The Wood element symbolizes growth and activities so economic growth will return and the stock market will become very active.

Luck of the Different Industries in 2022

The Water Wood element of 2022 is expected to bring prosperity to Metal industries and Earth industries. This is because Metal conquers Wood, so the Wood element is a symbol of money to Metal industries, which includes banking, high-tech, car, machinery, engineering, beauty, and skincare.    

The second-best industries could be Earth, as Earth conquers Water. Water means money to the Earth industry.  Earth industries include property, mining, insurance, and computer software.

Water industry sees Wood as productivity, so Water industries will also benefit from the growth and movement nature of Wood.  Water industries are communication, transport and shipping.  

Wood industry is facing serious competition; Wood industries are textile, media, papers, and magazines.  

Fire industry is not making money in a Tiger year as there is a total absence of Metal, which is their money.  Fire industries are stock market, entertainment, lighting and restaurants.

Global Outlook
2022 brings action, movement and growth. As the world economy recovers, there will be more joyful sentiments, bringing back entertainment and travelling. There are still international tension and social unrest as people are in a liberal mood with more desire to make changes. 

The Tiger is not a peaceful animal, and Wood is often associated with Wind.  So we can expect stormy weather. In previous Yang Water – Wood – Tiger years, there were plenty of weather-related disasters. Severe typhoons, heavy storm flooding, flash floods, big storms and there was even a big freeze all in 1962. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, sea and air accidents, environmental disasters, and world epidemics will continue to persist and prevail.


There are a few interesting things to point out about today’s world leaders.  Tiger and Wood are favourable elements to President Biden, so he will be more stable in his second year of presidency.

Putin is extremely weak Fire and does not like Wood, so the Tiger Year will bring some trouble to Russia. In China, the Tiger is not a very favourable element to Xi Jinping, so there will be obstacles, but he is still in strong favourable noblemen luck.  Wood is also supportive of the big, high-tech businesses in China so China will still lead in the economic recovery.

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