Conscious Living Magazine December 2022


Please enjoy our latest December Magazine. There is a feeling of optimism, like the orchestra building a crescendo in a symphony. We live in a beautiful world and perhaps perfection is in the blend of the ups and downs, that motivates and pushes us to reach for the sky.
We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoy many mangoes and the avocado hummus with your friends and family. Take time to think of all you have to be grateful for and have compassion for those less fortunate.

Featured Articles

The Listener: Sound, Vibration, Nonduality & Consciousness SAND, Articles

Clear the Way for New Opportunities this December Astrology by Rachel Lang

 WHAT’S Making News

Removing Hazardous Microplastics From Water The co-authors are Muhammad Haris, Muhammad Waqas Khan, Ali Zavabeti, Nasir Mahmood and Nicky Eshtiaghi.

We Can Reach Net Zero by 2050  Research team led by Professor Sam Fankhauser, research director, Oxford University.

Transforming Australia’s Biggest Climate Polluter – Greenpeace


Christmas Fare: Avocado Hummus Dip by Cabot Health

Christmas Joy! A Mango A Day for Gut Health by Dr Dingle

Frequency Wand Brings Light into Your Cells for Healing by Dr Sherrill Sellman

Blogs From Our Authors

Turning Trauma into Triumph by Debbie Paull

The Art of Compassion Versus Empathy By  Kez Wickham St George

VIDEO Interview

Kranti: Uplifting the Daughters of Mumbai’s Sex Workers – Interview with Rick Archer and Robin Chaurasiya on


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Coming Events

Braco’s Live Gaze is Coming to You Online

Book Reviews 

Spirit Writer: Spirit Writer Speaks  – reviewed by Janet Mawdesley

All that I Forgot  – reviewed by Janet Mawdesley

Music Reviews  

Dream Cloud Orchestra: Nocturnes – reviewed by Janet Mawdesley

An Enchanted Noel – reviewed by Janet Mawdesley

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