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Wendy Sheffield is a Spirit Writer who has in so many ways, walked a very challenging pathway to finally arrive at her destination, that of a person whom Spirit speaks through and with, which has not come without considerable cost and turbulence.

Born to parents who lived a very traditional life, Wendy was an only child who heard voices. She had imaginary friends and vivid dreams, which to a child was somewhat terrifying. She was different and so was largely left alone at school, misunderstood by her teachers and also her parents. She taught herself to dance and found the dance floor was the only place she could be her true self.

It was not until she left School and went to Business College, she began to gain confidence, make friends and develop a skill base that was to see her become a professional in the legal world. Having a failed marriage and a small son she loved was all part of her journey, which also came with so many lessons to be learned, understanding to be gained and revelations about the often worrying aspect of her life, that of Spirit Writing and her connection to Spirit.

In Spirit Writer Speaks she offers her life journey and pathway to all who are interested and also interested in connecting with Spirit, to help them understand the journey, the connection and most importantly to have confidence in themselves to travel their pathway.

Her early journey into Spirit Writing was frustrating as normally the writing is done by hand. But as she had excellent keyboard skills eventually Spirit accepted the new form of technology as the way forward. Since those early days, via Wendy and her keyboard skills, Spirit speaks freely.

Spirit Writer – Spirit Writer Speaks is not a lengthy book and can easily be read in one sitting to gain the overall message and then used as a reference guide to further understand salient points of interest or learning.

Throughout the book, she states time and time again, the reason she is sharing her past history is to explain her journey as one of growth and healing, and to underline that at times, even though the journey can be terrifying, it is well worth undertaking.

She also stresses the importance of seeking out like-minded people who can help, train and encourage, as they also act as mentors in a world that is far from familiar.

As the book concludes at a plateau, there is a second book about to be released Pure Spirit, which looks at the next level of her journey where she is learning to use her ability to work with and heal via Spirit.

Spirit Writer – Spirit Writer Speaks is an excellent work that is easy and comfortable to read and will help, aid and encourage you to find your way to your true spiritual path.

Author                                              Wendy Sheffield.
Publisher                                          Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
ISBN                                                9781803812038
Website                                            https://www.barnesandnoble.com

Review By Janet Mawdesley 


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