Harmony ME Healing


It’s surprising what we find under layers and layers of our energy. Happiness, fear, anger, peace.

You may sense issues are there, but may not know what those energy layers are really hiding. You never know until you start to delve into their depths.

Our habits can reveal a lot about what is going on at a deeper level. For example, why you reach for food for comfort, why you are drawn to negative relationships, or why money goes as quickly as it comes?

Perhaps the medical world doesn’t have the answers for these invisible layers that surround us.

Enter Harmony Me Healing – a therapeutic modality that helps us gain more guidance by understanding what our bodies are saying

This new nationally recognised alternative therapy focuses on tuning in to energetic vibrations. The sessions are often described as deep relaxation, while others consider it therapeutic as they realise what has been holding them back – secret messages held within our bodies that are intuitively delivered for our awareness.

Marnie Cate, clairvoyant and intuitive healer from Mandurah, Western Australia, has developed this modality during more than a decade. Her dedication to understanding what our energy is saying has seen her impart this knowledge through certifying more than 20 practitioners, who provide benefit to adults, children and pets. Practitioners work with colour, energy and Spirit to facilitate gentle healing.

After experiencing Harmony Me sessions, client Sarah said: “I was guided to explore my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions and really define what happiness is for me. I have never felt so free. Marnie, you have been a real blessing.”

For more information go to www.marnie-cate.com or www.facebook.com/harmonymehealing © Marnie Cate

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