Bio Plasmic Radiation


How it affects your health

by Gerard Bini 

In our homes and workplaces, we are subjected to 25 different types of electromagnetic radiation fields from various sources.

 There is technology, Earth radiation and Bioplasmic radiation of which Bioplasmic radiation is by far the biggest, yet least spoken of, radiation problem.

There are at least five different types of Bioplasmic fields including: death imprints, emotional imprints, illness imprints, juvenile imprints and negative psychic impressions.

Bioplasmic fields are electromagnetic fields that can’t be detected with a Gauss meter or radio frequency meter. Bioplasmic fields are detected with a Biotensor (Josef Oberbach) and Lecher Antenna (Ernst Lecher), which
are traditional Building Biology-EMF detecting instruments.

So, what is the cause of Bioplasmic Radiation?

Human bio-field

Bioplasmic Radiation is human-generated, otherwise known as bio-field radiation. Our human bio-field when we’re emotionally and physically healthy produces a negative charge. When we’re emotionally and physically unhealthy, the human bio- field produces a positive charge, and this is the problem.

When someone is either emotionally and-or physically unwell, the diseased state of their body will create a positive charge of the bio- field, which  in turn leaves an electromagnetic imprint in their home. This imprint causes electromagnetic stress for all occupants, and remains within the building until the energetic circumstances are sufficiently changed by a neutralising negative charge, for instance, with a Geoclense.

Someone living in a house over a lengthy period of time while suffering from depression will leave a Bioplasmic radiation imprint that has the energy of depression. This applies to any form of negative emotional state. When emotionally sensitive people enter this space, they too will feel depressed.

Someone who has a diseased organ will leave Bioplasmic radiation of the frequency of the illness.  For example, if it is a diseased liver, others entering the same space and who have a sensitive liver, will find that their liver comes under electromagnetic stress.

An occurrence of a death on a property dating back hundreds of years will leave a death imprint and a subsequent further Bioplasmic field which extends to the boundaries of the property. There may other complications with the existence of a death imprint because of the nature of the death.

‘Young children react negatively to juvenile Bioplasmic energy as if they have a sixth sense’

Juvenile Bioplasmic radiation is caused by the emotional pain, body energies and imprints of children aged from zero to five years. Young children react negatively to juvenile Bioplasmic energy as if they have a sixth sense.

Workplaces affected

Negative Psychic impressions are caused by one person or a group of people who have a negative emotion towards another person, group, place or organisation.

Workplaces are notorious for negative psychic impressions that can be directed within the organisation or targeted at other individuals, groups or organisations. Shopping centres with many competitors create an accumulative negative psychic impression which upsets electro- hypersensitive people.

Negative psychic impressions may be quite damaging to how a business performs. For example, a retailer under negative psychic impression from a competitor may affect electro- hypersensitive customers to a degree that they do not re-enter that environment. Building biologists often work with retailers, re-balancing the negative psychic impressions with the Geoclense.

The Geoclense Home and Workplace Harmonizer is programmed to neutralise and dissolve all the above Bioplasmic fields.  People say it’s amazing how different they feel when they’ve been able to remove all forms of Bioplasmic Radiation. This is why so many people love the Geoclense.




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