Guidance and Soul Healing in Difficult Times


Life is difficult for many in our unsettled world and especially for those also suffering losses either through losing a loved one or a job or relationship.  Some are suffering from financial losses. In times like these, having a session with a counsellor can help to provide clarity and insights into your life path and assist you to follow a positive direction. 

Perth based,  Psychic Medium and Spiritual Guidance Counsellor, JudithK is an Internationally recognised practitioner.  She has the ability to walk that road with her clients, supporting and guiding them to make their own decisions.

Energy and Faith Healing

Healing is activated by energy and faith.  What Judith is healing is the soul. For anyone experiencing a stressful situation in their life consider having a phone or skype session with Judith.  This is especially helpful if you have relationship issues, suffering grief due to the loss of a loved one, have an existing illness or just finding life difficult.

A question often asked is does healing over the phone work?

The answer lies with FAITH your Faith.  The way it works is Judith will talk and discuss anything worrying you. This is also called Narrative therapy.   Judith will pick up on your energy and will assist you to release negative thoughts which in turn comforts your soul. This process allows the mind to quieten, with people often reporting FEELING a sense of peace and tranquillity. 

Spiritually Guided Counselling  

As a professional counsellor, Judith specializes in providing easy coping strategies, easy strategies to start the healing of the soul, allowing self – reflection and working through any issues, giving her clients support and helping them to develop emotional strength.   Judith is a Registered member of both the Australian Counselling Association and Perth Counselling Association Western Australia. (ACA) and a Registered supervisor with the Australian College of Supervisors. 

If anyone is suffering from anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, needing to find a sense of identity or just needing a boost, Judith has a training package available where she can assist on an individual level to develop more awareness and self – confidence.  The sessions are structured around individual and personal needs. She also has a spiritual development package structured around workshops. 

JudithK is very conscious of the spiritual wellbeing of her clients. Being able to pick up the phone after making an appointment to discuss any issues contributes to healing the soul. Often someone may have an integrated session such as psychic, cards and flowing with whatever the universe presents, either a half-hour session or an hour session – it’s up to the individual. 

Judith’s passion is to assist a person to find a positive direction and for a person to become who they want to be.  When you start to feel good more than likely you will be able to help another.  

Workshops and Spiritual Training  

JudithK has many workshop options. She can create a workshop tailored to your interests and personal development.  Communicate with Judith if there is something you would like to learn. All workshops are now online so easy for you to sit back in comfort and learn. This method is private and specialised. Workshop training is one day depending on the topic as to how many hours and pricing.  Contact Judith for more information. 

Some of Judith’s most popular workshops are: 

The Australian Tarot Oracle: Learn How to Read the Cards

Spiritual Development Beginners Level 1  Spiritual Development Advanced Level 2

Self – Development Promotes Good Mental Health

Becoming the Person, You Want to Be

Coping Strategies for Stress, Anxiety and Depression 


These discounts apply for Phone What’s APP or Skype sessions and The Australian Tarot Oracle for the month of February.  Contact Judith for an appointment or to secure a pack of cards.

The Australian Tarot Oracle cards  Save $40. Pay $180 includes postage in Australia normally $220 + postage

Individual Sessions

20% off a full hour session

10% off a half-hour session

10% off workshop training  


Times are difficult, and it’s important to keep safe and healthy as well as nurturing the soul to create peace and tranquillity.  No need to worry about distance traffic and fuel prices.  It’s such an easy option. This can be achieved by relaxing at home or work in comfortable surroundings while connecting with Judith in absolute confidentiality.

Easy payment directly into pay pal on Judithk’s website or if preferred Judith can take your card details and process using EFTPOS over the phone. 

For more information on personal sessions, workshops or counselling programs please visit


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